Jami Pittman

Jami Pittman

Clinical Psychology
Community Engagement Chair- Psychology Department Diversity Committee


Curriculum Vitae

Jami Pittman

Research Interest/Area of Expertise

  • Broadly, my research interests center around sexual development during adolescence. More specifically, I am interested in the etiology of sexual self-concept, adolescents' conceptualization of sexual pleasure, and quality of adolescent sexual and romantic relationships in the context of peer and parental relationships.

  • I am also interested in the psychology of race and racism. I examine facets of American white supremacy and disparities between dominant and non-dominant groups through a psychological and historical lens.

    To this end, I present workshops on race and racism and have worked on interventions and published articles on smoking, smoking cessation and smoking relapse disparities seen in low-income and black and brown communities (who are disproportionately affected by smoking-related health complications) as compared to more affluent or white communities.

Education – Degrees, Licenses, Certifications

  • BS, Psychology, Millsaps College

Courses taught


PSY 1010 (Intro to Psychology) Lab