Jami C. Pittman

Jami C. Pittman

Doctoral Student in Clinical Psychology


Jami C. Pittman


Jami is a Clinical Psychology Ph.D. student who is strongly committed to using scientific knowledge about social issues to spark societal change. As such, her training and career priorities are working in local communities and applying her research to better inform public policy, particularly sex education policy, in the United States.


Research Interest/Area of Expertise

  • Broadly, Jami's interests center on romantic and sexual development in early adolescence. 

  • She is currently working on projects examining longitudnal associations between interpersonal-related factors such as peer network composition and quality of caregiver relationships and subsequent engagement in a range of romantic and sexual experiences including those characteristic of early adolescence (e.g. crush experiences, holding hands, kissing) as well as more precocious behaviors (e.g. genital contact behaviors) in early adolescent girls. 

  • Most recently, she has been thinking a lot about the intersection of culture and identity and concepts related to autonomy, assertiveness, self-acceptance, and refusal self-efficacy in early adolescent girls, especially as it relates to romantic and sexual development.


Education – Degrees, Licenses, Certifications

  • BS, Psychology, Millsaps College

Courses taught


PSY 1010 (Intro to Psychology) Lab

PSY 2400 (Intro to Lifespan Development)