Julia Handelsman

Julia Handelsman

Director, Pediatric Audiology in the CS Mott Children's Hospital
Clinical Assistant Professor, Dept. of Otolaryngology–Head and Neck Surgery (University of Michigan)



Julia Handelsman

Dr. Handelsman is an ASHA Fellow, and served as the President of ASHA in 2016. Her previous ASHA volunteer roles include serving as the audiology co-chair for the 2014 ASHA Convention, service on the Board of Directors as the vice president for professional practice in audiology (2010–2012), membership on the Board of Ethics, the Council for Clinical Certification in Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology (chair in 2009), and the Professional Services Board. Dr. Handelsman served as a site visitor for the Council on Academic Accreditation in Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology, was a member of the Preferred Practice Patterns for Audiology Workgroup, and an Audiology Subject Matter Expert (SME) Panel member. She was a Steering Committee member for Special Interest Group 6, Hearing and Hearing Disorders: Research and Diagnostics and is currently a member of the Scientific and Professional Education Board.

Research interest(s)/area of expertise

Her primary clinical, teaching, and research areas of focus have included the assessment and management of patients with dizziness and balance disorders, as well as the impact of potentially ototoxic medications on auditory and vestibular system function. She is also involved in the identification and management of hearing loss and vestibular function loss in infants and young children, as well as in professional ethics and conflicts of interest.


Dr. Handelsman received her bachelor’s degree from the University of Michigan and her master’s and doctoral degrees from the University of Kansas.