Andrew Lutz

Andrew Lutz

Andrew Lutz

Andrew Lutz received a B.S. in psychology and completed an undergraduate thesis at the University of Central Florida in Orlando, Florida in May of 2015. Andrew began working toward a PhD in I/O psychology at Wayne State University in 2015, and joined the Diversity & Work-Family Relations Lab in 2016. His research interests cover multiple domains, particularly work-life conflict and balance, work-related experiences of childless and childfree employees, and cross-cultural organizational phenomena.

In addition to carrying out research, Andrew has taught and assisted teaching in numerous courses, and has consulted with Kellogg and Campus Commandos.


Bachelor of Sciences - Psychology - University of Central Florida - 2015

Courses taught

PSY 1030 Introductory Psychology Laboratory (Three one-credit-hour sections, Fall 2015)

PSY 1010 Introductory Psychology Laboratory (Three one-credit-hour sections, Winter 2016)

PSY 3350 Personality Psychology (One three-credit-hour section, Spring/Summer 2016)

PSY 2100 Psychology in the Workplace (One three-credit-hour section, Fall 2016)

Incremental coursework

Fall 2015:
PSY 7590 Industl&Orgznl Psych
PSY 7150 Qntv Mth: Psy 1
PSY 7620 Socl Psy: Rsch&Thry

Winter 2016:
PSY 7500 Resch Mthds:Indl/Orgzl
PSY 8500 Smr: Indst/Orgzl Psy (OHP)
PSY 7160 Qntv Mth: Psy 2

Spring/Summer 2016
PSY 8140 Meta-Analysis

Fall 2016:
PSY 8150 Multivariate Ans
PSY 8500 Smr: (Cross-Cultural)
PSY 7510 Critn Dvpt&Pfmc Eval

Winter 2017:
PSY 7570 Industrial Motivation & Morale
PSY 8170 Structural Equation Modeling
PSY 7250 Thry: Personality