Tamika Kelley

Tamika Kelley

Medical Office Assistant


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Tamika Kelley


 Communication Sciences and Disorders

My name is Tamika Kelley; I am one of many but most of all I am a mother. I love nothing more than being a mother and I am determined to become better every day. I was born in Detroit at Henry Ford Hospital, my parents have been married over thirty years now and I am one of nine children. While growing up was very tough but not all was bad. My parents moved us out of Detroit to Mount Clemens before I began junior high to give us a better life than they had. My dreams were big, I already knew I wanted to be a singer and have a career in the medical field. I went through junior high and high school knowing that I was going to take care of my family. However, due to various struggles, I graduated high school but was not able to go away to college. So I attended NIT (National Institute of Technology); which is now called "Everest Institute Detroit" and retrieved my "Medical Assistant" certificate. Later I took the state test to become a license "Certified Medical Office Assistant" to pursue my career. I began working in clinics, urgent care/hospitals, group homes and assisted livings. I then fell in love with helping others and making a difference in people lives. I went on to Miller Motte College and obtained my Associates degree in Healthcare Science. I was infatuated with gaining more knowledge, I was a sponge to anything pertaining to medical. It took a while to obtain my Bachelors in Healthcare Administration, being a single mom and all but I did it! While obtaining my Bachelors, I began working for a Youth Correctional Facility; where I had the opportunity to meet some of the most amazing talented youth I've ever met. They showed me who I was, who I wanted to be, and who I was becoming. They gave me hope and encouragement, and that alone allowed me to believe in myself more. I went on to sing on a TV show called "The Voice"; it was one of the most exciting experiences in my life. The Youth made me yearn to be a better me and mother. From there I was asked to join forces with Detroit Medical Center to work in research (Perinatology Research Branch). There I learned what us women's anatomy goes through while pregnant. I was a part of procedures put in place to stop certain conditions during pregnancy as well as inventing cures to stop certain conditions during pregnancy. Again, being a part of making a difference in one's life if not saving a life. Now I have the pleasure of working in the department of "Communication Sciences and Disorders"; where I look forward to helping others and gaining experience and knowledge in AuD and Speech Pathology. 


Science Healthcare Administration - Associates Degree, Healthcare Administration - Bachelor's Degree, Certified Medical Assistant - License Certificate