Raymond Viviano

Raymond Viviano is currently a PhD student in the Behavioral and Cognitive Neuroscience research area of the Department of Psychology as well as a pre-doctoral trainee within the Institute of Gerontology. His research interests involve characterizing the structural and functional characteristics of the brain in healthy older adults with subjective memory complaints.

Selected publications

  • Viviano, R.P., Raz, N., Yuan, P., Damoiseaux, J.S. (2017). Dynamic Patterns of Resting State Functional Connectivity are Associated with Age, Metabolic Risk, and Cognitive Performance in Healthy Adults. Neurobiology of Aging.
  • Damoiseaux, J.S., Viviano, R.P., Yuan, P., & Raz, N. (2016). Differential effect of age on posterior and anterior hippocampal functional connectivity. Neuroimage, 133, 468-476.
  • Hayes, J. M., Tang, L., Viviano, R.P., van Rooden, S., Ofen, N., & Damoiseaux, J. S. (2017). Subjective memory complaints are associated with brain activation supporting successful memory encoding. Neurobiology of Aging.


Currently teaching

  •  PSY 3993 -  Laboratory in Experimental Psychology

Courses taught

 PSY 1010 - Introduction to Psychology Lab