Suxuan (Sue) Xu

Suxuan (Sue) Xu



3003 Science Hall


Suxuan (Sue) Xu


Nutrition and Food Science


  • Ph.D, Food Science and Technology, The University of Georgia -Athen, 2012
  • Ms. Bioengineering, University of Missouri-Columbia, 2007
  • HACCP lead instructor, HACCP Alliance, 2013
  • Certified ServSafe® Instructor Registered ServSafe Examination Proctor

Currently teaching

  • NFS 2130  Introduction of Food Science 3 credits

    NFS 4160 Food Laws and Regulations 3 credits

    NFS 2140  Food Science Laboratory 1 credits

    NFS 2220 Nutrition laboratory 1 credit

Courses taught

NFS 4150 Advanced Food Science 3 credits

NFS 5140 Laboratory Techniques in Nutrition & Food Science
3 credits


Other qualifications directly relevant to courses taught

HACCP certification  training