F. Gianluca Sperone

F. Gianluca Sperone


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F. Gianluca Sperone


Department of Geology

Research Interest/Area of Expertise

  • Expert in Geospatial Analysis and methods including: Interpolation, Spatial selection queries, Spatial Overlays analysis, Spatial Statistics tools, etc.

    Experienced in creating and maintaining GIS databases, map layers and related data and topologies.

Education – Degrees, Licenses, Certifications

  • University of Calabria - Rende, Calabria (Italy) - 1997 to 2003

Awards and Grants

  • 2017 Esri Storytelling with Maps Contest: Culture, History, and Events Section
    2013-2014 Faculty Teaching Development Travel Grants

Selected Publications

 The 1001 Genomes Consortium, Alonso-Blanco C., Andrade J., Becker C., Bemm F., Bergelson J., Borgwardt K. M., Chae E., Dezwaan T., Ding W., Ecker J. R., Exposito-Alonso M., Farlow A., Fitz J., Grimm D. G., Hancock A., Henz S. R., Holm S., Horton M., Jarsulic M., Kerstetter R. A., Korte A., Korte P., Lanz C., Lee C., Meng D., Michael T. P., Muliyati W., Nägele T., Nagler M., Nizhynska V., Nordborg M., Novikova P., Picó F. X., Plazer A., Rabanal F. A., Rodriguez A., Rowan B. A., Salomé P. A., Schmid K. J., Seren Ü., Sperone F. G., Sudkamp M., Svardal H., Tanzer M. M., Todd D., Volchenboum S. L., Wang C., Wang G., Wang X., Weckwerth W., Weigel D., Zhou X., 2016. 1135 genomes reveal the global pattern of polymorphism in Arabidopsis thaliana. Cell 166, 481–491. doi: http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.cell.2016.05.063.

Natalie M Jameson Kiesling, Soojin V Y; Ke Xu; F. Gianluca Sperone; Derek Wildman, 2015. The tempo and mode of New World monkey evolution and biogeography in the context of phylogenomic analysis. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, Volume 82, Pages 386–399. doi:10.1016/j.ympev.2014.03.027

Horton, M., Hancock, A. M., Huang, Y. S., Toomajian, C., Atwell, S., Muliyati, W., Platt, A., Sperone, F. G., Vilhkálmsson, B. J., Nordborg, M., Borevitz, J. O. and J. Bergelson, 2012. Genome-wide patterns of genetic variation in worldwide Arabidopsis thaliana accessions from the RegMap panel. Nature Genetics, 44:212-6, doi:10.1038/ng.1042.

Hancock, A. M., Brachi, B., Faure, M., Horton, M. W., Jarymowycz, L. B., Sperone, F. G., Toomajian, C., Roux, F. and J. Bergelson, 2011. Adaptation to climate across the Arabidopsis thaliana genome. Science, Vol. 334 no. 6052 pp. 83-86, doi: 10.1126/science.1209244.

Courses taught

GEL 1010 Geology: The Science of the Earth
GEL 5000: Geological Site Assessment
GEL 5600: Applied Geologic Mapping