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Daniel Krenn

 I spent my childhood in Huntsville, AL, a small southern military city. After graduating from Virgil I. Grissom High school, I enrolled at Auburn University where I intended to double major in music and psychology. Though I loved music, I did not see myself making a career out of it. This caused me to devote my attention to psychology completely. After changing my focus in the field several times (experimental musical psychology, clinical psychology, forensic psychology, and experimental behavioral psychology, and back to clinical psychology), I stumbled across the field of I/O psychology. Around that time, I took classes in both social psychology and I/O psychology developing my interest in I/O. After a few months in an I/O research lab, I fell in love with the field. In 2012, I graduated with a B.A. in Psychology from Auburn University and enrolled in Wayne State University’s I/O psychology program.

At Wayne State, I am currently pursuing a PhD in I/O psychology with a minor in statistics and a teaching certificate from the Office for Teaching and Learning. I currently work for the Mobile County Personnel Board and devote the rest of my attention to teaching and/or conducting research. I recently completed my master’s thesis which examines a new, innovative method for assessing workplace related personal values, and am writing my dissertation which examines stereotypes of the LGBT community in the workplace.

I am a member of several professional organizations and one honor society (Psi Chi). I am most active in the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology. I am also a member of the Society for the Psychological Study of LGBT issues, the Society for the Teaching of Psychology, and Educational Psychology.

Research Interest/Area of Expertise

  •  Forms of interpersonal mistreatment and aggression including constructs such as incivility and bullying, as well as disparate treatment of stigmatized groups

  •  Work/non-work paradigm, specifically focusing on the identification, reduction, and understanding of work-family conflict

  • Accuracy of employee selection and performance evaluation. Specifically, I examine in psychometric issues such as reliability and validity in various assessments used for hiring and assessing performance quality. I also examine mental heuristics (e.g. leniency error, halo error, etc.) and stereotype related biases in selection and appraisal


Education – Degrees, Licenses, Certifications

  • M.A. in Psychology (Industrial/Organizational)
  • B.A. in Psychology

Selected Publications

 Journal Publications
Odeh, A., Bruce, T. J., Krenn, D. R., & Ran, S. (in press). A broader perspective on subtle discrimination interventions. Industrial and Organizational Psychology: Perspectives on Science and Practice.

Baltes, B.B., Wynne, K., Sirabionian, M., Krenn, D.R., & De Lange, A (2014). Future time perspective, regulatory focus, and Selection, optimization and compensation: Testing a longitudinal model. Journal of Organizational Behavior, 35, 1120-1133.

Book Chapters

Baltes, B. B., & Krenn, D. R., (in press). Flexible work schedules, In S. G. Rogelberg (Ed.), The SAGE Encyclopedia of Industrial and Organizational Psychology, 2nd edition. Sage Publications.

Courses taught

 PSY 1010- Introduction to Psychology

PSY 1020- Elements of Psychology

PSY 2600- Psychology of Social Behavior