Lindsay Toman

Lindsay Toman

Lindsay Toman

Research interest(s)/area of expertise

LGBTQ+ Studies, Transgender Health, Gender, Qualitative Methods


  • M.A Sociology, East Tennessee State University 2014
  • B.A Sociology, Albion College 2010

Awards and grants

2020 National Science Foundation, Doctoral Dissertation Research Improvement Award 
2020 Frank Hartung Memorial Award
2019 Graduate Research Symposium Poster Presentation, First Place: “LGBTQ Medical Students: Back in School, Back in the Closet”
2019 King-Chavez-Parks Future Faculty Fellowship Program
2019 Nominated for Garret T. Heberlein Excellence in Teaching
2018 Eugene V. Perrin Memorial Scholarship in Health and Science
2018 King-Chavez-Parks Future Faculty Fellowship Program
2018 Thomas C. Rumble Fellowship
2017 Albert Schweitzer Fellowship
2017 Allen Goodman/Janet Hankin Scholarship in Health Award


Selected publications

Toman, Lindsay. Forthcoming Fall 2021. “You’re going to want to freeze your eggs”: Conversations Surrounding Fertility between Medical Providers,  Parents, and Transgender Adolescents. Advances in Gender Research- Trans Studies.

Stroumsa, Daphna, Molly B Moravek, Justine P. Wu, and Lindsay Toman. 2020. “Part Triage, Part Gatekeeping”: Qualitative Assessment of    Prescribing Gender Affirming-Hormones. Obstetrics & Gynecology 135(1): 1025.

Toman, Lindsay. 2019. “Navigating Medical Culture and LGBTQ Identity.” The Clinical Teacher 16: 335-338.


Currently teaching

Social Science Perspectives of Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies

Courses taught

Research Methods

Social Problems

Understanding Human Society

Juvenile Delinquency

Seminar in the Sociology of Gender

Basic Social Theory