Jian Huang

Jian Huang

Associate Professor


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 385 Physics Research Building



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Jian Huang


Physics and Astronomy

Research interest(s)/area of expertise

 Experimental Condensed Matter Physics


Quantum mechanical phenomena in electron systems subject to strong electron-electron correlation

Quantum materials and devices


  • B.S. Peking University
  • M.S. University of South Carolina
  • Ph.D. Michigan State University
  • Postdoc Fellow Princeton University

Awards and grants

  • National Science Foundation 2014-17
  • National Science Foundation 2011-13
  • DOE USER grant at Center of Integrated Nanotechnologies 2012
  • DOE USER grant at National High Magnetic Field Laboratories (NHMFL) 2010-2019
  • NASA Early Career Award through INSGC, Annual award for launching frontier research in nanophysics and devices 2008
  • NHMFL Annual National Research Highlight 2006
  • NRC Postdoc Fellow, NIST (Boulder, CO) 2002

Selected publications

  • Jian Huang, Loren Pfeiffer, K. West, "Discontinuity in the transport of strongly correlated two-dimensional systems in a zero magnetic field", Phys.Rev. B 101, 161110(R) (2020)
  • Jian Huang, Loren Pfeiffer, K. West, "Metal-to-Insulator Transitions in Strongly Correlated Regime", Appl. Sci. 2019, 9(1), 80 (2019)
  • Talbot Knighton, Zhe Wu, Alessandro Serafin, J. S. Xia, Jian Huang, L. N. Pfeiffer, and K. W. West, “Evidence of two-stage melting of Wigner Solids”, Phys. Rev. B 97, 085135 (2018)
  • Jian Huang, L.N. Pfeiffer, and K. W. West, “Spin-orbit coupling and transport in strongly correlated two-dimensional systems". Phys. Rev. B 95, 195139  (2017)
  • Zhe Wu, Talbot Knighton, Vinicio Tarquini, David Torres, Tongyu Wang, Nelson Sepu´lveda, and Jian Huang, “Polycrystalline VO2 Film Characterization by Quantum Capacitance Measurement”, Applied Physics Letters, 107(10), 104101 (2015)
  • Talbot Knighton, Zhe Wu, Vinicio Tarquini, Jian Huang, L. N. Pfeiffer, and K. W. West, Reentrant insulating phases in the integer quantum Hall regime, Phys. Rev. B 90, 165117 (2014)
  • Talbot Knighton, Zhe Wu, Vinicio Tarquini, Jian Huang, L. N. Pfeiffer, K. W. West, Large Intrinsic Inductance in Strongly Correlated GaAs Two-Dimensional Holes in the Integer Quantum Hall Regimes, Applied Physics Letters 104, 193109 (2014)
  • Vinicio Tarquini, Talbot Knighton, Zhe Wu, Jian Huang, L. N. Pfeiffer, K. W. West, Degenerate Heavy Hole bands and effective mass of ultrahigh quality two-dimensional holes in narrow quantum wells, Applied Physics Letters 104, 092102 (2014)
  • Jian Huang, L. N. Pfeiffer, K. W. West, Influence of Coulomb Interaction of Tunable Shapes on the Collective Transport of Ultradilute Two-Dimensional Holes, Phys. Rev. Lett. 112, 036803 (2014)
  • Jian Huang, L. N. Pfeiffer, K. W. West, Experimental Study of Two-dimensional Quantum Wigner Solid in Zero Magnetic Field,
    AIP Conf. Proc. 1590, 42 (2014)
  • Jian Huang, L. N. Pfeiffer, K. W. West, Nonactivated transport of ultradilute two-dimensional hole systems in GaAs field-effect transistors:Interaction versus disorder. PHYSICAL REVIEW B 85, 041304(Rapid Comm.) (2012)
  • Jian Huang, L. N. Pfeiffer, K. W. West, Light-induced long-ranged disorder effect in ultradilute two-dimensional holes in GaAs heterojunction-insulated-gate field-effect-transistors. Appl. Phys. Lett. 98, 092105 (2011).
  • Jian Huang, L. N. Pfeiffer, K. W. West, Conductivity kinks in the transport of ultradilute two-dimensional GaAs hole systems in zero field. Phys. Rev. B 83, 081310(Rapid Comm.) (2011).
  • M.S. Crosser, Jian Huang, F. Pierre, P. Virtanen, T. T. HeikkilÄa, F. K. Wilhelm, and Norman O. Birge, Nonequilibrium experiments in mesoscopic multi-terminal SNS Josephson junctions, Phys. Rev. B 77, 014528 (2008)
  • Jian Huang, J-S Xia, D.C. Tsui, L. N. Pfeiffer, K. W. West, Disappearance of the metal-like behavior in the metallic regime of metal-to-insulator transition. Phys. Rev. Lett. 98, 226801 (2007)
  • Jian Huang, D.C. Tsui, L. N. Pfeiffer, K. W. West, Dilute two-dimensional holes in GaAs HIGFET: Fabrication methods and transport measurements. International Journal of Modern Physics B, Vol. 21, Nos. 8-9, 1219 (2007)
  • Jian Huang, D.S. Novikov, D.C. Tsui, L. N. Pfeiffer, K. W. West, Non-activated transport of strongly interacting two-dimensional holes in GaAs. Phys. Rev. B 74, 201302(R) (2006).
  • Jian Huang, F. Pierre, T. T. Heikkilä, F. K. Wilhelm, and N. O. Birge, Observation of a controllable π-junction in a 3-terminal Josephson device. Phys. Rev. B 66, 020507(R) (2002)


Currently teaching

PHY 2180 University Physics for Scientists and Engineers

Courses taught

  • PHY 6400 - Quantum Mechanics
  • PHY 7550 - Advanced Solid State Physics
  • PHY 6430 - Material Characterization
  • PHY 5340 Optics
  • PHY 5100 - Mathematical methods for theoretical physics
  • PHY 6500 - Thermodynamics and Statistical Physics
  • PHY 2140 - University Physics