Jolin Yamin

Jolin Yamin

Doctoral Student in Clinical Psychology

Jolin Yamin



Research interest(s)/area of expertise

  • Health Psychology
  • Trauma
  • Clinical Training
  • Psychological Interventions


  • M.A., Psychology, Wayne State University, 2019
  • B.S., Psychology, Wayne State University, 2015

Awards and grants

  • John Teahan Memorial Award for Clinical Training (2020)

  • Thomas C. Rumble Graduate Research Fellowship (2019-2020)

  • Dr. Philip M. Kayal Fund for Arab American Research (2019)

Selected publications

Yamin, J.B., Holmes, H.J., Krohner, S., & Lumley, M.A. (in press). Arab American Women’s health following sexual victimization: An exploratory study of the moderating effects of bicultural identity harmony and social constraints. Psychology of Violence.

Holmes, H. J., Yamin, J. B., Krohner, S., Rapport, L. J., Grekin, E. R., Schubiner, H., & Lumley, M. A. (in press). Effects of a sexual health interview among Arab American women: An experimental disclosure study. Archives of Sexual Behavior.

Arnetz, B.B., Sudan, S., Arnetz, J., Yamin, J.B., Lumley, M.A., Beck, J.S., Stemmer, P.M., Burghardt, P., Counts, S.E, Jamil, H. (in press). Dysfunctional neuroplasticity in newly arrived Middle Eastern refugees in the U.S.: Association with environmental exposures and mental health disorders. Public Library of Science One.

Aldhalimi, A., Wright, A.M., Yamin, J.B., Jamil, H., Arnetz, B.B. (2016). Perception of discrimination in employment and health in refugees and immigrants. Stigma and Health, 51(4), 539-49.


Currently teaching

  • Psychological Assessment I Laboratory


Courses taught

Abnormal Psychology

Psychology of Gender

Laboratory in Experimental Psychology

Developmental Pscyhology Service Learning Laboratory