Suzanne Baker

Suzanne Baker

Full-time Lecturer, Public Health


 3248 Faculty/Administration Building

656 W. Kirby Street

Detroit, MI 48202

Curriculum vitae

Suzanne Baker

Research interest(s)/area of expertise

  •  Anthropology of Latin America; Feminist Anthropology; Immigrant and Refugee Communities; Gender; Public Health, Domestic Violence; Research Methodology; Nonprofit Organizations; Children and Hunger.


ER Super-Utilizers and Frequent-Users, Henry Ford Hospital System, Jan. - June 2013: As part of the MPH Program, participated in a practicum placement at Henry Ford Health System’s Institute for Minority Health, during which I worked under Dr. Denise White-Perkins. Conducted literature review, attended community and faith-based agency meetings, HFHS project meetings, and assisted with the development of a pilot project to reduce frequent use of the HFS Emergency Room by a group of diabetic patients and to improve their health care.
Domestic Violence, Immigrant and Refugee Communities in Omaha, NE, 1998-2003: Conducted research on the cultural, linguistic, structural and legal barriers that prevent battered immigrant and refugee women from accessing domestic violence services.
Hate Crimes Legislation, GBLT Communities, Omaha, NE, 2001: Conducted focus groups for Omaha’s Hate Crimes Commission in order to ascertain the communities’ knowledge of Nebraska’s hate crimes legislation, and their ability and willingness to utilize it.
Gender Ideologies, Nicaragua, 1988-90: Investigated the impact of state-sponsored attempts to transform prevailing gender ideologies, income-generating projects, and socio-economic changes on the lives and opportunities of peasant women.


  • MPH, Wayne State University, 2016
  • PhD, Anthropology, Boston University, 1995
  • MA, Anthropology, Boston University, 1994
  • BS, International Relations / Economic and Commercial; Area of Concentration: Eastern Europe, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1982

Awards and grants

  • TIAA Difference Maker 100 Honoree in 2018 (

Selected publications

 “Consumer health information technology in an adult public health primary care clinic: A heart health education feasibility study.” Julie A. Gleason-Comstock, Alicia Streater, Kai-Lin Catherine Jen,  Nancy T. Artinian, Jessica Timmins, Suzanne Baker, Bosede Joshua,  Aniruddha Paranjpe. Patient Education and Counseling 94 (2013), 464-471.  .

“Feasibility of a kiosk-based hypertension self-care education system in a primary care clinic for the uninsured” [abstract]. Artinian, Nancy T., Gleason-Comstock, Julie, Streater, Alicia L., Catherine Jen, Kai-Lin, Baker, Suzanne, Timmins, Jessica J., et al; Journal of Clinical Hypertension 2012;14 Suppl 1 :194.

Review of Desiring China: Experiments in Neoliberalism, Sexuality, and Public Culture (2007) by Lisa Rofel, July 2007. Anthropology Review Database (

"Opening a Women's Resource Center: Who's Got Your Back?" Michigan Women's Studies Association Annual Conference, April 2005

“Looking at Diversity through the Lens of a Women’s Resource Center,” presented at the National Women’s Studies Association Women’s Centers Pre-Conference, Milwaukee, 2004

“Gender Roles” in Reader’s Guide to the Social Sciences (London: Fitzroy Dearborn Publishers), 2001.

“Gender Ideology,” in Reader’s Guide to the Social Sciences (London: Fitzroy Dearborn Publishers), 2001.

“Marriages, Informal Unions and Gender Ideologies in Revolutionary Rural Nicaragua” in With This Ring: Divorce, Intimacy and Cohabitation for a Multicultural Perspective, Contemporary Studies in Sociology, Volume 19, edited by Sandra Browning and Robin Miller [JAI Press], 2000.

Currently teaching

  • PH 3100, Social & Behavioral Aspects of Public Health; PH 4400, Methodological Approaches in Public Health; PH 5100 Capstone in Public Health.

  • Fall 2020: PH 5100 Capstone in Public Health (2 sections) and PH 3600 Special Topics in Public Health - Reslience and Human Flourishing

    Previous Semesters: PH 3100 Social & Behavioral Aspects of Public Health and PH 4400 Methodological Approaches in Public Health



Courses taught

 Introduction to Anthropology

Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

Culture & Human Nature

Human & Cultural Evolution

Applied Anthropology

Medical Anthropology

Gender & Culture

Peoples & Cultures of Latin America

Human Variation

Myth, Magic, & Folk Religion

Methods of Feminist Analysis

People & Cultures of Mexico & Central America

Nonviolence & Peaceful Resolution of Conflict: Cross-Cultural & Political

Race & Gender Relations