Gholam-Abbas Nazri

Gholam-Abbas Nazri

Adjunct Prof and Lecturer


 3159 Engineering Building

Curriculum vitae

Gholam-Abbas Nazri


Physics and Astronomy

Research interest(s)/area of expertise

 A brief outline of current research activities and interests.

  • 2-D crystal growth for electronic applications,
  • Advanced Sate of Charge (SOC) Estimations of Energy Storage Devices for Lithium Batteries for Transportation
  • Combined Magneto-Electric Wireless Charger and State of Charge Estimator, for advanced batteries
  • Advanced structural (conformal) batteries for auto, space and marine applications, dealing with, materials, components and design optimization (beyond current lithium batteries)
  • Supercapacitors (nano materials), hybridization of battery and supercapacitors for automotive applications
  • Phase Change Materials and Composites formulation for thermal management, design and materials formulation
  • Energy conversion materials and devices: including batteries, supercapacitors, fuel cells, multi-junction solar cells, and thermoelectrics
  • Nano-magnetics: Synthesis and application of magnetics nano materials with optimum aspect ratio for biomedical and cancer therapy
  • Solid state hydrogen storage materials: novel chemical hydrides, destabilized alloy hydrides, and cryogenic high surface area carbonaceous and metal organic framework (MOF) materials
  • Safety and Risk Management; Development of intrinsic and extrinsic safety components
  • for high energy density batteries for HEVs and EV
  • Advance Sensors for Automotive Applications
  • Bidirectional HV AC/DC systems for EVs-Grid hybridization
  • Novel Water Splitting and Hydrogen Fuel Production
  • Water desalination using functional materials
  • Alternative Energy Sources and Conversions
  • Cold Fusion possibilities


  • Advance energy storage systems for electrification of vehicles, including lithium batteries and supercapacitors
  • Alternative energy sources and conversions, including solar, wind, geothermal, hydropower, tidal and ocean waves
  • Hydrogen and fuel cell materials and technologies
  • Nano materials design and optimization
  • Real-time Materials and devices characterization
  • Non-destructive testing of materials, components and devices
  • Advance sensors for Automotive applications
  • Photoelectrochemical hydrogen production through water splitting
  • Dynamic on-road charging of EVs and HEVs



Selected publications

Over 150 publication, 21 US and world patents, and two text books.

Currently teaching

  • Advance energy storage systems for electrification of vehicles (ECE5340)
  • Fundamentals of solid state electronics (ECE4570)
  • Numerical Methods fro Engineering (ECE3040)
  • Concptual Physics (PHY1020)

Courses taught

  • Advance Sensors fro Automotive Applications (ECE6570)
  • Advance Energy Storage Systems for Electric-based Transportation (ECE5340)
  • Alternative Energy Sources and Conversion (ECE5350)
  • Advance Solid State Electronic Devices and Applications (ECE5550)
  • Fundamentals of Electromagnetics and Wave fiels (ECE4800)
  • Fundamentals of Solid State Electronic Devices (ECE4570)
  • Circuite II (ECE3330)
  • Circuit I (ECE3300)
  • Numerical Methods for Engineering (ECE3040)
  • Conceptual Physics (PHY1020)
  • Corrosion Engineering and Preventions (SAE Seminar workshop)
  • Hybrid Vehicle Academy (SAE Seminar workshop)
  • Solid State Chemistry (Oakland University)
  • Solid State Physics (Industrial class Mentor at GMR&D)

Other qualifications directly relevant to courses taught

  • Desingned several on-lne courses and participated in several workshops related to on-line teaching and on-line teaching tools
  • Trained in radiation and laboratory safety