Gholam-Abbas Nazri

Gholam-Abbas Nazri

Adjunct Prof and Lecturer


 3159 Engineering Building

Curriculum vitae

Gholam-Abbas Nazri



Research interest(s)/area of expertise

 A brief outline of current research activities and interests.

1. 2-D crystal growth for electronic applications,
2. Advanced Sate of Charge (SOC) Estimations of Energy Storage Devices for Lithium Batteries for Transportation.
3. Combined Magneto-Electric Wireless Charger and State of Charge Estimator, for advanced batteries.
4. Advanced structural (conformal) batteries for auto, space and marine applications, dealing with, materials, components and design optimization (beyond current lithium batteries)
5. Supercapacitors (nano materials), hybridization of battery and supercapacitors for automotive applications.
6. Phase Change Materials and Composites formulation for thermal management, design and materials formulation.
7. Energy conversion materials and devices: including batteries, supercapacitors, fuel cells, multi-junction solar cells, and thermoelectrics
8. Nano-magnetics: Synthesis and application of magnetics nano materials with optimum aspect ratio for biomedical and cancer therapy.
9. Solid state hydrogen storage materials: novel chemical hydrides, destabilized alloy hydrides, and cryogenic high surface area carbonaceous and metal organic framework (MOF) materials
5. Safety and Risk Management; Development of intrinsic and extrinsic safety components
for high energy density batteries for HEVs and EV.
6. Advance Sensors for Automotive Applications
7. Bidirectional HV AC/DC systems for EVs-Grid hybridization
8. Novel Water Splitting and Hydrogen Fuel Production
9. Water desalination using functional materials.
10. Alternative Energy Sources and Conversions
11. Cold Fusion possibilities


 Advance energy storage systems for electrification of vehicles, including lithium batteries and supercapacitors

Alternative energy sources and conversions, including solar, wind, geothermal, hydropower, tidal and ocean waves

Hydrogen and fuel cell materials and technologies

Nano materials design and optimization

Real-time Materials and devices characterization

Non-destructive testing of materials, componenets and devices

Advance sensors for Automotive applications

Photoelectrochemical hydrogen production through water splitting

Dynamic on-road charging of EVs and HEVs







Selected publications

 over 150 publication, 21 US and world patents, and two text books.

Currently teaching

 Advance energy storage systems for electrification of vehicles (ECE5340)

Fundamentals of solid state electronics (ECE4570)

Numerical Methods fro Engineering (ECE3040)

Concptual Physics (PHY1020)

Courses taught

 Advance Sensors fro Automotive Applications (ECE6570)

Advance Energy Storage Systems for Electric-based Transportation (ECE5340)

Alternative Energy Sources and Conversion (ECE5350)

Advance Solid State Electronic Devices and Applications (ECE5550)

Fundamentals of Electromagnetics and Wave fiels (ECE4800)

Fundamentals of Solid State Electronic Devices (ECE4570)

Circuite II (ECE3330)

Circuit I (ECE3300)

Numerical Methods for Engineering (ECE3040)

Conceptual Physics (PHY1020)

Corrosion Engineering and Preventions (SAE Seminar workshop)

Hybrid Vehicle Academy (SAE Seminar workshop)

Solid State Chemistry (Oakland University)

Solid State Physics (Industrial class Mentor at GMR&D)














Other qualifications directly relevant to courses taught

 Desingned several on-lne courses and participated in several workshops related to on-line teaching and on-line teaching tools

Trained in radiation and laboratory safety