Eun-Jung Kim

Eun-Jung Kim

Associate Professor


313-577-2077 (fax)

5057 Woodward Ave, #12002.14
Detroit, MI 48202

Curriculum vitae

Eun-Jung Kim



Eun-Jung Kim's research is in the theoretical and legal issues related to human rights. She is interested in the role of consensus in justifying beliefs and actions (namely, global enforcement) regarding human rights. She has written on the epistemic role of consensus on human rights and also has an account of global enforcement that explains the moral significance of consensus. She is also interested in the topic of religious liberty and its limits in liberal democratic societies. She has published a paper criticizing the burka ban in France and also on the Anti-Shari’a legislation in the U.S.

Research interest(s)/area of expertise

Legal and political philosophy


Human rights theory, international human rights law, religious liberty


B.A., University of Southern California; Ph.D., University of Washington

Awards and grants

  • CLAS Teaching Award (2017)

  • CLAS Funding for Graduate Research Assistantship (2016-2017)

  • Visiting Scholar, Stockholm University (fall 2013)

  • University Research Grant, Wayne State University (summer 2011)

Selected publications

  • “Acceptability, Impartiality and Peremptory Norms of General International Law”, Law and Philosophy 34:6 (November 2015): 661-697.
  • With Albert Spalding, “Should Western Corporations Ban the Use of Shari’a Arbitration Clauses in their Commercial Contracts?” Journal of Business Ethics 132:3 (December 2015): 613-626.
  • “Islamic Law in American Courts: Good, Bad, and Unsustainable Uses”, Notre Dame Journal of Law, Ethics & Public Policy 28:1 (May 2014): 287-307.
  • “On the Burka Ban”, Public Affairs Quarterly 26:4 (October 2012): 293-312.
  • “Justifying Human Rights: Does Consensus Matter?” Human Rights Review 13:3 (September 2012): 261-278.

Currently teaching

PHI 5270 Philosophy of Law

Courses taught

  • PHI 2320 Introduction to Ethics
  • PHI 2330 Social and Political Philosophy
  • PHI 3270 Foundations of Law
  • PHI 3800/HON 4200 Topics in Philosophy: Human Rights
  • PHI 5240 Special Topics in Social and Political Philosophy
  • PHI 5270 Philosophy of Law
  • PHI 5800 Special Topics in Philosophy: Human Rights
  • PHI 7840 Seminar in Political Philosophy