Laur Rubino

Laur Rubino

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Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice; Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies Department

Laur Rubino

Dr. Laur Rubino received their Ph.D at the School of Criminal Justice at the University of Cincinnati and received their Master’s degree in Criminal Justice at Wayne State University. Their research focuses on inequities in the criminal/ juvenile legal system, voting rights of individuals in the legal system, program evaluation, wrongful convictions, racial/ethnic disparities, LGBTQ+ individuals in the legal system, and how the juvenile system responds to youth with marginalized intersecting identities. They published in American Journal of Community Psychology, Crime & Delinquency, Feminist Criminology, and Women & Criminal Justice among others. Dr. Rubino is the Founder and Executive Director of Their Research, which is a research consulting business that also provides LGBTQIA+ inclusivity trainings to a variety of workplace settings. They are also a co-founder of Voting Rights Now (VRN), an organization aimed to promote and uphold voting rights for people currently and formerly involved in the criminal legal system. Further, they worked on policy analysis across state-level laws and juvenile court guidelines, and they are involved in community-engaged activism on issues such as social and racial justice, voting rights, and LGBTQ+ rights.

Research interest(s)/area of expertise

  • LGBTQ+ youth in the juvenile system
  • Disparities and bias in the juvenile legal system
  • Gender and crime
  • Trans and nonbinary individuals in the legal system
  • Program evaluation
  • Wrongful convictions
  • LGBTQIA+ Inclusivity Training


  • Ph.D., Criminal Justice, University of Cincinnati, 2021
  • M.S., Criminal Justice, Wayne State University, 2016
  • B.S & B.A. Criminal Justice and Psychology, Wayne State University, 2011

Selected publications

Rubino, L., Anderson, V. R., & McKenna, N. C. (2021). Examining the Disconnect in Youth Pathways and Court Responses: How Bias Invades Across Gender, Race/Ethnicity, and Sexual Orientation. Feminist Criminology.

Anderson, V., Rubino, L., Campbell, C., Mandalari, A., & Barnes, A. (2021). (In)Effectiveness of in-home detention tethers to reduce recidivism for system-involved girls. Justice Evaluation Journal.

Anderson, V., Rubino, L., & McKenna, N. (2020). Family-based intervention for legal system-involved girls: A mixed methods evaluation. American Journal of Community Psychology.

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