Abderrahman Zouhir

Abderrahman Zouhir

Associate Professor
Arabic Language Coordinator & Graduate Advisor for MALL Program and Near Eastern Languages


405, Manoogian Hall

Abderrahman Zouhir

Research interest(s)/area of expertise

Language policy, second language acquisition, curriculum development and materials design


Abderrahman Zouhir's research interests include language policy, multilingual education,  language ideologies, linguistic hegemony and minority resistance, and linguistic human rights. His research attempts to recognize the intricate diversity and linguistic tensions in Morocco and show how Classical/Standard Arabic, Moroccan Arabic, foreign languages and the recent recognition of Berber/Amazigh as an official language have shaped the sociolinguistic stratification, nationalism and identity within the Moroccan society. He has recently been engaged in investigating language policy, linguistic hegemony, and identity conflict in other Arab countries and compared them to Morocco too. Professor Zouhir is also interested in second language acquisition, curriculum development, and syntax. His work has been published in multiple journals and books.


  • Ph.D., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • Ph.D., Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah University, Fes, Morocco
  • M.A., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • Diplôme d'Études Approfondies (DEA), Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah University
  • Certificate of Second Language Acquisition and Teacher Education (SLATE), University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

  • ARB/LIN 5100, Teaching of Arabic as a Foreign/Second Language
  • ARB/LIN 5210, Arabic Sociolinguistics
  • ARB 5700, Medical Arabic
  • LGL/ENG/LIN 5750, Theories of Second Language Acquisition
  • LGL/LIN 5850/7850, Foreign Language Instruction