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Andrew Speer

Assistant Professor

 5057 Woodward Ave   |   Room 8402.24   |   Detroit MI, 48202

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Andrew Speer is an assistant professor of industrial & organizational psychology at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan. Upon receiving his doctorate in industrial & organizational psychology in 2013, he spent approximately four years in the applied sector, first working as an external consultant and then leading a people analytics team within a large insurance company. In 2017, he returned to academia at Wayne State, where he serves in his current role. His research deals with employee selection and assessment, personality, performance management, employee turnover, machine learning, and natural language processing.

Speer is a prolific researcher on a range of topics and regularly publishes several articles a year in top journals (e.g., Journal of Applied Psychology, Organizational Research Methods, Personnel Psychology). Rooted in his background in psychometrics, he tries to apply strong validation frameworks to new, cutting-edge assessment methods such as machine learning and natural language processing. Speer also strives to adhere to the scientist-practitioner model by conducting research that has direct application to organizational practice. In addition to his research on topics that directly serve consulting companies and hiring teams, he regularly engages in applied consulting.

If interested in research or consulting regarding employee selection (e.g., assessment development), performance management (e.g., 360's), or machine learning (e.g., bias audits, expert guidance), you can reach me at

Selected publications

  • Yankov, G., & Speer, A.B. (in press). Comparing three machine learning algorithms for scoring assessment center text data. Personnel Psychology.
  • Speer, A.B., Perrotta, J., Tenbrink, A.P., Wegmeyer, L., Delacruz, A.Y., & Bowker, J. (in press). Turning words into numbers: Assessing work attitudes using natural language processing. Journal of Applied Psychology.
  • Speer, A.B., Perrotta, J., Jacobs, R. (in press). Supervised construct
    scoring to reduce personality assessment length: A Field study and introduction to The Short 10. Organizational Research Methods.
  • Speer, A.B., Tenbrink, A.P., Wegmeyer, L.J., Reich, C., Shihadeh, M., &…. (2021). Meta-analysis of biodata in employment settings: Providing clarity to criterion and construct-related validity estimates. Journal of Applied Psychology.



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