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Robert Poikey

Biography: Robert W. Poikey Robert Poikey is the Supervisory Law Enforcement Specialist for the US Attorneys Office for the Eastern District of Michigan.  He oversees the intel, outreach, law enforcement coordination and office security unit.  Robert is the primary liaison to all federal, state and local law enforcement agencies within 34 Michigan counties. He oversees several law enforcement initiatives as well as numerous community outreach programs. Since 2007, his accomplishments have gained national recognition from three U. S. Attorney Generals and three U.S Attorneys. In addition, Robert has received awards, citations and accolades for his work on numerous Department of Justice related programs at the state and national level for his work in violent crime task force operations, multi-jurisdictional planning and capacity building as well as curriculum development. In 2014, in addition to his position as the Law Enforcement Specialist, he was appointed Security Manager for the Eastern District of Michigan US Attorney’s Offices.

Prior to obtaining his present position, Robert was employed with the Michigan Department of corrections for 15 years. Within this agency he held several line and management positions which allowed him to gain extensive law enforcement, administrative and management experience in sworn law enforcement activities, contracts, grants, public and media information and training. Mr. Poikey holds a bachelor’s Degree from Wayne State University and a graduate Degree from the  University of Detroit. Robert is a member of several professional organizations. In addition to his position with the US Attorneys Office, Robert has held the position of adjunct professor at the niversity of Detroit Mercy and Wayne State University since 1998 and 2013, respectively.

Research interest(s)/area of expertise

Criminal Justice/Correctional Science/Security


  • Bachelors of Science in Criminal Justice
  • Masters of Arts in Criminal Justice

Incremental coursework

 Opioid Epidemic and Program Funding

Federal Grant Funding to State and Locals

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