Marisa Henderson

Marisa Henderson

Academic Advisor II
Emerging Scholars Student Support Coordinator

(313) 577-2589

1322 Faculty Administration Building


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Marisa Henderson


Center for Excellence and Equity in Mathematics


The Emerging Scholars Program is an honors program for students taking MAT 1800 (Pre-Calculus), MAT 2010 (Calculus I), and MAT 2020 (Calculus II). The Emerging Scholars follows the Treisman model, where students take an intensive supplemental workshop in addition to their lecture where we put emphasis on collaborative learning and high expectations for all who participate. However, we also provide the students with a support system to encourage and challenge them in order in help them succeed.


It is my job to provide the support for the students to thrive in the program through variety of means. I do this by organizing community building activities, making sure students are keeping up with expectations of the program and their major, and supporting the faculty. This all ensures the program is effectively serving our students.



  • M.Ed of Education in Educational Evaluation and Research
  • B.A Mathematics, Wayne State University
  • WSU Advisor Certification Level 1