Harold James Geistman

Harold James Geistman

Associate Professor of Teaching and Facilitator of Online M.S. Program


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Criminology and Criminal Justice


Harold James Geistman

Harold James Geistman is an Associate Professor of Teaching in Criminology and Criminal Justice. He is also currently the facilitator of the Masters of Science (M.S.) online program and coordinator of internships. His work is currently focused on online learning and the teaching of writing to undergraduate and graduate criminal justice students. His major research interests are terrorism, especially home-grown terrorism. 

Selected publications

2013 Lambert, Eric G., Brad Smith, James Geistman, Terry Cluse-Tolar, and Shanhe Jiang. “Do Men and Women Differ in Their Views on Stalking: An Exploratory Study among College Students.” Violence and Victims, 28.2, 195-209.

2013 Geistman, James, Brad Smith, Eric G. Lambert, Terry Cluse-Tolar. “What to Do About Stalking: A Preliminary Study of How Stalking Victims Responded to Stalking and Their Perceptions of the Effectiveness of These Actions.” Criminal Justice Studies 26. 1 (2013): 1-24.

2011 Geistman, James. Women, the Crime of Stalking, and Its Effects: A Study of Police Attitudes and Practices. Lewiston, NY: The Edwin Mellen Press.

2007 Geistman, James, and Brad W. Smith. “Juvenile Attitudes toward Police: A National Study.” Journal of Crime & Justice, 30.2, 27-51.

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