Erin Baker

Erin Baker

Graduate Teaching Assistant
Ph.D. Student


2264 Faculty Administration Building

Curriculum Vitae

Erin Baker

Research Interest/Area of Expertise

  •  Education

  • Gender

  •  Family

  •  Homeschooling

  •  Motherhood


 In Progress: 

  • David M. Merolla and Erin E. Baker “Identity Theory, Racially Consonant Campuses, and Self-Esteem.” Paper in preparation for Identities in Everyday Life, Edited By Richard T. Serpe and Jan Stets. Oxford University Press.

  • Erin E. Baker “Reading Between the Lines: Do Teacher Training Text Books Propagate the Hidden Curriculum?” Paper analyzes the contents of text books used in university education programs to examine how facets of the hidden curriculum, such as race, socioeconomic status, gender, etc., are presented to those preparing to teach in K-12 schools.

  • Erin E. Baker and David M. Merolla – “Unrealized Potential: Are Teachers Less Likely to Encourage Low SES Students to Apply for College?” Paper looks at teacher perceptions of low socioeconomic status students and how those perceptions affect their likeliness to encourage those students to pursue higher education.

Education – Degrees, Licenses, Certifications

  • Bachelor of Science - Sociology with a concentration in Criminal Justice, Central Michigan University
  • Master of Arts - Schools, Society, and Violence, Eastern Michigan University