Janette Zupnik

Janette Zupnik

Janette Zupnik

Janette  has taught in the Center for Peace and Conflict for over ten years. Her interests are in the area of Applied Linguistics. One of her main focuses has been the communicative analysis of Israeli-Palestinian dialogue events.  She undertook extensive research in Israel and the Palestinian Authority on this topic and has published this research in the Journal of Pragmatics and Discourse and Society. She has also taught and given lectures on this topic in the United States and Israel. Janette also has expertise in legal discourse, particularly in the area of court interpreting. Finally, she is interested in language acquisition and assessment; and has worked as a researcher for the University of Michigan on this topic. She has previously taught at Harvard University, the Universtiy of San Francisco and Tel-Aviv University. Janette is a member of the Peace and Collaboartive Development Network. 

Research interest(s)/area of expertise

  •  Conflict Discourse

    Political Discourse

    Cross Cultural Communication

    Discourse Analysis



  • Ph.D. Applied Linguistics, Boston University, 1995
  • "Conflict Discourse Analysis: Evidence from Israeli-Palestinian 'Dialogue' events"

Currently teaching

  •  PCS 2010 Communication, Culture and Conflict  3 credits  Spring/Summer 2017