Daryl Laflamme

Daryl Laflamme

Part-Time Faculty


Daryl Laflamme


Urban Studies and Planning

Daryl Laflamme is a Senior Vice President and Director of GIS for the advertising agency GTB in Dearborn, Michigan. Daryl has been with GTB which is owned by London based WPP Group for over 20 years. He teaches GIS at Wayne State University on a part-time basis where he started in 2000 sharing his knowledge and experiences in the classroom.

Daryl has a passion for GIS and geography where his work involves geographic research of retail consumers in the United States. His expertise is in GIS, consumer segmentation, demographics and cartography. Daryl’s GIS work at GTB informs and influences brand strategy and communications planning for his clients. It helps them to understand their audience, where they live and where to find others like them.

He was introduced to GIS and the Esri applications in the late 1980s. Over the years, Daryl has learned many GIS applications to include ARC/Info, ArcView, ArcGIS Desktop and now ArcGIS Pro.  He also has completed numerous Esri training courses for those applications.

Daryl has other past GIS work experiences. He served as a GIS manager for the Marion County Health Department in Indianapolis, Indiana providing geographic research in public health in the early 1990s. And he has worked as a GIS project manager for the Schneider Corporation in Indianapolis in the mid-1990s working on state/local government and retail-related projects.

Research Interest/Area of Expertise

  • GIS, consumer segmentation, demographics, cartography

Currently Teaching

  • UP6830 & GPH4600 - Advanced GIS

Courses taught

UP6700 & GPH3600 - Introduction to Geographic Information Systems
UP6830 & GPH4600 - Advanced GIS