Zhimin Zhang

Zhimin Zhang



 FAB 1131

Zhimin Zhang

 Professor, Since 2002, Wayne State University (WSU)

Associate Professor, 1999-2002, WSU

Associate Professor, 1997-2000, Texas Tech University (TTU)

Assistant Professor (tenure track), 1993-1997, TTU 

Visiting Assistant Professor, 1991-1993, TTU

Research interest(s)/area of expertise

  • numerical analysis, computational mathematics, scientific computing
  •  numerical methods for partial differential equations including finite element methods, finite volume methods, spectral methods


 Associate editor or Editorial board member:

Mahematics of Computation, 2009--2017

Journal of Scientific Computing, 2011--2017

Numerical Methods for Partial Differential Equations Since 2013


  • B.S. Mathematics, University of Science and Technology of China, 1982
  • M.S. Computational Mathematics, University of Science and Technology of China, 1985
  • Ph.D., Applied Mathematics, University of Maryland at College Park, 1991

Awards and grants

2011 Outstanding Graduate Mentor Award, Wayne State University
2014 Charles H. Gershenson Distinguished Faculty Fellows Award, Wayne State University

PI for National Scince Fundaton grants since 2003.

DMS-0311807, ``Recovery Type A Posteriori Error Estimates"

DMS-0612908, ``Superconvergence of p-Version / Spectral Collocation, Discontinuous Galerkin Methods and Eigenvalue Approximation"

DMS-1115530, ``Spectral and Spectral Collocation Methods for Hamiltonian Systems"

DMS-1419040, ``Superconvergent Post-processing of Some Newly Developed Numerical Methods with Weak Derivatives"

Selected publications

Huiyuan Li and Zhimin Zhang, Efficient spectral and spectral element methods for eigenvalue problems of Schrodinger equations with an inverse square potential, SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing 39-1 (2017), A114-A140.

Wenming He, Runchang Lin, and Zhimin Zhang, Ultraconvergence of finite element method by Richardson extrapolation for elliptic problems with constant coefficients, SIAM Journal on Numerical Analysis 54-4 (2016), 2302-2322.

Waixiang Cao and Zhimin Zhang, Superconvergence of local discontinuous Galerkin method for one-dimensional linear parabolic equations, Mathematics of Computation 85 (2016), 63-84.

Xuan Zhao and Zhimin Zhang, Superconvergence points of fractional spectral interpolation, SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing 38-1 (2016), A598-A613.

Qingsong Zou and Zhimin Zhang, Vertex-centered finite volume schemes of any order over quadrilateral meshes for elliptic boundary value problems. Numerische Mathematik 130 (2015), 363-393.

Buyang Li and Zhimin Zhang, A new approach for numerical simulation of the time-dependent Ginzburg-Landau equations, Journal of Computational Physics 303 (2015), 238-250.

Zhimin Zhang, How many numerical eigenvalues can we trust? Journal of Scientific Computing 65-2 (2015), 455-466.

Waixiang Cao, Zhimin Zhang, and Qingsong Zou. Superconvergence of Discontinuous Galerkin method for linear hyperbolic equations, SIAM Journal on Numerical Analysis 52-5 (2014), 2555-2573.

Zhimin Zhang, Superconvergence points of polynomial spectral interpolation. ,SIAM Journal on Numerical Analysis 50-6 (2012), 2966-2985.

Runchang Lin and Zhimin Zhang, Natural superconvergent points in 3Dfinite elements, SIAM Journal on Numerical Analysis 46-3 (2008), 1281-1297.

Zhimin Zhang and Ahmed A. Naga, A new finite element gradient recovery method: Superconvergence property, SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing 26-4 (2005), 1192-1213.

Zhimin Zhang, Finite element superconvergence on Shishkin mesh for 2-D convection-diffusion problems, Mathematics of Computation 72 (2003), 1147-1177.

Courses taught

MAT 2020  Calculus II, 4 credit, Fall 2016

MAT 5100 Numerical Analysis, 3 credit, Fall 2016

MAT 5100 Numerical Analysis, 3 credit, Fall 2015

MAT 7270 Advanced Topics in Mathematics, 3 credit Fall 2015