Giovanni Bonvicini

Giovanni Bonvicini



313-577-3932 (fax)

335 Physics

Curriculum vitae


Giovanni Bonvicini


Physics and Astronomy

1981: Laurea, University of Bologna

1981-1984, Associato, Istituo Nazionale Fisica Nucleare, Bologna, Italy

1984-1989: Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Michigan

1989-1995: Staff Scientist, CERN, Geneva, Switzerland

1995-2015 Associate Professor, Wayne State University

Research interest(s)/area of expertise

My research is in accelerator and particle physics.

Currently teaching

  • Classical Electromagnetism sequence, PHY6600-6610
  • Astronomy for non scientists, AST2010.

Courses taught

AST2010, PHY2130, PHY2140, PHY2170, PHY2180, PHY3300, PHY5200, PHY5210, PHY 5600, PHY5620, PHY6600, PHY6610, PHY7600, PHY7610, PHY8810, PHY8991