Andre Furtado

Andre Furtado

Assistant Professor


Curriculum Vitae

Andre Furtado



Research Interest/Area of Expertise

  •  Minority and Non-Traditional student retention in lower level Math classes

Education – Degrees, Licenses, Certifications

  • Ph.D (Chemical Engineering

Awards and Grants

  •  Presidential Award for Teaching 1998

    College of Lifelomng Learning Award for Teaching 2006

Selected Publications

Furtado, A.W. and D. Johnson. “ Education and Rehabilitation in a Prison
Journal of Offender Counseling, Services and Rehabilitation
Vol. 4 (3), Spring 1980

Powers, J., A. Furtado, R. Kent and A. Kwan. “Smoothed Experimental Enthalpy
Data for Four Mixtures: Three Methane-Ethane Binary Mixtures and a Ternar


Currently Teaching

  •  Mat 0993 Beginning Algebra

    Mat 0900 Beginning Algebra for non-Math intensive majors

Courses taught

 Courses taught after 1998 and before 2006 in the Interdisciplinary Studies Program

Computers and Society (GST 2710)
Practical Mathematics (GST 0510)
History and Concepts of Mathematics
An Interdisciplinary Approach (GST 1510)
Math for the Scared- An intuitive approach
Interdisciplinary Studies Seminar (GIS 2030)

Courses Taught Before 1998 in the Interdisciplinary Studies Program

Aging and Death and Dying
Technology Health and Environment
Energy and Society
Conference on China : History and Culture
Values Technology and Society
Study Trip to India