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John Strate

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Curriculum vitae


Political Science

John Strate

H.S., 1965  Edina, Minnesota, National Honor Society

B.A., 1969  Macalester College, major:  political science, Magna Cum Laude

M.A., 1970  The University of Michigan  field:  political science

Ph.D., 1982  The University of Michigan  field:  political science, cognate:  zoology

The Department of Political Science has been a great place to work, with friendly and supportive colleagues, friendly staff, ample opportunities for research and collaboration, and highly motivated and bright students.  There's a strong faculty union that vigorously defends academic values.    Over the years I've served as Graduate Adviser (about six years) and as MPA Director (about seven years).  I've enjoyed working with graduate students and have directed about a dozen doctoral dissertations.  

My research interests have been numerous and varied over the years.  With colleagues and students, I've conducted research on political participation, urban policy issues (schools of choice, trade, political election cycles), physician assisted suicide, legislative term limits, administrative ethics, cutback management in local government, gender inequality in the Arab world, and others.    

Nearing retirement age, it's been an interesting and rewarding career at Wayne State University.  I hope to finish up several more research projects before retirement.  

I'm a widower with two adult daughters.  I've one granddaughter.  My personal intersts include  reading, Tiger baseball, Michigan football, walking,  bicycling, skiing, swimming, nature study, home repairs, and gardening.  I'm not much of a traveler, and keep a small carbon footprint.   

Research interest(s)/area of expertise

  • public administration

  • research methods

  • biopolitics

  •  cutback management


cutback management

gender inequality in the Arab world




  • B.A. Macalester College 1969
  • M.A. The University of Michigan 1970
  • Ph.D. The University of Michigan 1982

Selected publications


Nahla Hamdan and John Strate. 2020. Gender inequality in the Arab world: a comparative perspective. Contemporary Arab Affairs 23(#3).


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