Bashar Ksebati

Bashar Ksebati

Sr. Research scientist
Manager, NMR Laboratory


(313) 577-1377 (fax)

 wayne state University

Department of Chemistry

Romm 43

5101 Cass Ave

detroit MI, 48202

Curriculum Vitae


Bashar Ksebati

Research Interest/Area of Expertise

  •  Research interests on the chemistry of marine organisms and plants. Structure elucidation by 1D, 2D,  and 3D NMR spectroscopy of biologically active natural product compounds from marine organisms and plants as well as characterization of organic compounds from synthetic pathways.   

Education – Degrees, Licenses, Certifications

  • University of Damascus, Damascus, Syria Chemistry B. S. 1977 University of Oklahoma Chemistry Ph.D. 1984

Awards and Grants

  •  Wayne StateUniversityCollege of Science Presidential Bounce Service Award, 1998




Selected Publications

Research Publications


1.         M. B. Ksebati, L. S. Ciereszko and F. J. Schmitz,"11b, 12b-epoxypukalide,A            Furanocembranoide from the Gorgonian Leptogorgia setacea," J. Nat, prod.,1984,                     47,1009.

2.         M. B. Ksebati and F. J. Schmitz, "24e-methyl-5a-cholestane-3b,5,6b,22R,24-pentanol 6-     Acetate: New polyhydroxylated sterol from the Soft Coral Asterospicularia randalli," Steroids,       1984,43,639.

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12.       M. B. Ksebati, F. J. Schmitz, G. K Liyanage, W. D. Ratnasooriya, and L. M V.          Tillekeratne. "A             New  Spermatostatic Glycoside from the Soft Coral Sinularia Crispa." J.        Nat. Prod., 1989, 52, 1143.

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14.       M. B. Ksebati, R. J. Hood, C. A. Schwartz, G. G. Konduri, and Y. W. Brans.," Deuterium     Enrichment of plasma  Determined by Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy: Dilution           Clinical Chemistry, 1990 ,36, 1823.

15.       M. B. Ksebati, Ana M. Q. Vande Linde, Kerri L. Juntunen, Ole .Mols, L. A.  Ochrymoycz,   And D. B. Rorabacher "Direct Determination of the Self-Exchange Electron-Transfer Rate        Constant for a Copper(II/I) Macrocyclic Pentathiaether Complex". Inorganic        Chemistry,1991,          30, 5037.

16.       M. B. Ksebati, Ching Y. Wang, Hisamitsu Nagase, and Mei-sie Lee, "  Arylamination and     Arylation of 4,4,4-Trifluoro-1-phenyl-1,3-butanedione with N-Acetoxy Derivatives of 2-          Aminofluorene," Chem . Res. Toxicol. 1992, 5, 183.

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25.       B. Ksebati, Todd J. Zahn, Markus Eilers, Zhengmao Guo, Matthew Simon, Jeffrey D.           Scholten, Steven O. Smith*, and Richard A. Gibbs* "Evaluation of Isoprenoid Conformation in   Solution and in the Active Site of Protein Farnesyltransferase Using Carbon-13 Labeling in        Conjunction with Solution and Solid State NMR." J. Am. Chem.             Soc, 2000, 122, 7153-7164.

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30.       B. Ksebati, JP. Desau;niers, and CS. Chow, " Synthesis of 15n-enriched pseudouridine         derivatives.” Org Lett. 2003 , 5(22, 4093-6.

31.       B. Ksebati, Santosh B. Mhaske, Mark N. Prichard, John C.

            Drach, Jiri Zemlicka.” Phosphonate Analogues of Cyclopropavir Phosphates and Their

            E-isomers. Synthesis and Antiviral Activity.” Bioorg Med Chem. 2009 , 17(11), 3892–3899.


32.          B. Ksebati, Dajena Tomco, Sara Schmitt, Mary Jane Heeg, Q. Ping Dou, Cláudio N. Verani.”        Effects of tethered ligands and of metal oxidation state on the interactions of cobalt complexes with the 26S proteasome.”  Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry ,105 (2011) 17591766.


 33.     Appi Reddy Mandhapati †, Takayuki Kato †, Takahiko Matsushita †, Bashar Ksebati †, Andrea Vasella ‡, Erik C. Böttger §, and David Crich *† Fluorine-Decoupled Carbon Spectroscopy for the Determination of Configuration at Fully Substituted, Trifluoromethyl- and Perfluoroalkyl-Bearing Carbons: Comparison with 19F–1H Heteronuclear Overhauser Effect Spectroscopy. J. Org. Chem., 2015, 80 (3), pp 1754–1763.     

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