Daphne Ntiri

Daphne Ntiri

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 Department of African American Studies, 5057 Woodward Ave, #11207.2, Detroit, Michigan 48202

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Daphne Ntiri

Daphne W. Ntiri, PhD has been privileged to hold faculty, administrative, and consultant positions in the international, academic, and public sectors. She is currently Professor in the Department of African American Studies, Wayne State University. She is a prolific scholar, is highly funded and a tireless advocate for the underserved. Her major areas of research are African American studies, adult education and literacy, transformative learning, gender and Third World studies. Prof. Ntiri served for three years as consultant on adult education/literacy to United Nations (UNESCO) in Paris, France, Senegal and Somalia, before launching her long-term adult literacy initiatives at Wayne State University through state funded and federal grants amounting to over $5 million. Such funding has enabled the creation of departmental sub-units to outreach the community and promote adult education instruction and research and enhance institutional capacity-building. She is committed to creating campus environments that promote learning as a transformative experience for students both here at Wayne State University and at other institutions (University of Djibouti and University of Ouagadougou) where she taught. She is the author of over 40 peer-reviewed articles and chapters and editor of eight books. Her most recent edited book is, Literacy as gendered discourse: Engaging the voices of women in global society by Information Age Publishing.  Dr. Ntiri received her undergraduate degree from Fourah Bay College, the University of Sierra Leone and Masters and doctorate degrees from Michigan State University upon completion of a predoctoral fellowship at the International Institute for Labor Studies/International Labor Office (ILO) in Geneva, Switzerland. She was an IFESH Visiting Scholar to the University of Djibouti and was a recent Fulbright Scholar to the University of Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. She will honor an invitation to join the research faculty at the Centre for Gender Research at the University of Uppsala in spring of 2017.  


Research Interest/Area of Expertise

  • African American Studies

    Adult education and literacy

    Gender and Third World studies

    Transformative learning


African Americans Older Adults' Health and Aging Literacy 

Literacy of immigrant African women within the context of Transformative Learning

Adult Literacy and urban communities

Education – Degrees, Licenses, Certifications

  • Michigan State University, PhD.

Awards and Grants




                          Pearls of Hope Foundation, Woman in Education Award   

                          Arthur L. Johnson Individual Community Leadership Award

                          Lifetime Achievement Award, Adult Education, Michigan Department of Education/Labor and Economic Growth

                         Women of Wayne Award 

                         President’s Award for Excellence in Teaching

                        College of Lifelong Learning Teaching Award

                        WSU Alumni Association, Faculty Service Award

                        Invited Delegate, 26th Annual Legislative Conference,  US House of Congress, Literacy Issue Forum  

                       WSU Career Development Chair Award










  •  GRANTS - Funded research (selected)

    Principal Investigator (09/2017-06/2018), Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) Improving Academic Excellence and Expanding Workforce Opportunities for Urban Populations.  Michigan Department of Education, Talent Investment Agency.  $112,000. 

    Principal Investigator (09/2009-06/2017), Workforce Investment Act (WIA) Improving Academic Excellence and Expanding Job Opportunities for Urban Populations. Workforce Development Agency, Michigan Department of Education.  $799,255. 

    Principal Investigator (09/1995 - 01/02), Michigan Covenant with Adult Basic Education:  Expanding Adult Education for Teachers and Prospective Adult Educators, Michigan  Department of Labor & Economic Growth.  $1,183,713.00  

    Co-Principal Investigator (1993 - 1996), Council for Excellence in Adult Education (CEAL) to promote professional Adult Education Research and Professional Priorities, Michigan State Department of Education.  $1,125,000.00 

    Principal Investigator (1994 -1996), Participatory Literacy Education Project (PLEP), United Way of America/Knight Foundation WSU/Detroit Literacy Coalition to research and design theme-based literacy training for ABE instructors and tutors.  $112,000.00 

    Principal Investigator (1997/8), Family and Intergenerational Literacy, Ameritech to Detroit Literacy Coalition to provide technology equipment and materials to increase internet access to Detroit disadvantaged communities via the Detroit Public Library.  $30,000.00

    Principal Investigator (1997/8), Family and Intergenerational Literacy, Brittan Communications Inc. (BCI) of Texas to Detroit Literacy Coalition to provide technology equipment and materials to increase internet access to Detroit disadvantaged communities via the Detroit Public Library.                               $10,000.00





Selected Publications

 Editor (books)

Literacy as a gendered discourse:  Engaging the voices of women in global societies, by Daphne W. Ntiri (Ed.). Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing (2015). 

Partnership Models in Adult Education. American Association for Adult and Continuing Education, Washington D.C. (1999)


Refereed Journal articles and chapters

2016 Adult literacy and its discontents: rethinking social justice issues in adult education. In Dialogues in Social Justice: An Adult Education Journal, (1) 12-17. 

2015 Literacy of immigrant African women within the context of Transformative Learning. In Literacy as a gendered discourse:  Engaging the voices of women in global societies, by Daphne W. Ntiri (Ed.). Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing. 

2014   Adult Literacy reform through a womanist lens:  Unpacking the radical pedagogy of Civil Rights Era educator:  Bernice V. Johnson.  Journal of Black Studies. 45(1), 159-166.

2013   When minority becomes majority: Exploring discursive and racialized shifts in the adult literacy conversation. Western Journal of Black Studies. 37(1), 159-166.

2010   with Stewart, M. Recruitment challenges:  Lessons learned from elderly African American living with diabetes in an urban literacy program. Educational Gerontology, 36(2), 148-154.  

2009   Framing the literacy issue: Correcting Educational Misrepresentation in U.S. society. Western Journal of Black Studies. 33(4), 231- 239.   

2009   Toward a functional and culturally salient definition of literacy. Adult Basic Education and Literacy Journal, 3(2), 97 -104.

2009   With Stewart, M.  Transformative Learning Intervention: Effect on Functional Health Literacy and Diabetes Knowledge in Older African Americans. Journal of Geriatrics and Geriatric Education, 30(2),100-113.

2007   Africana Womanism:  The coming of age.  In Contemporary Africana Theory, Thought and Action. C. Hudson-Weems (Ed.), Africa World Press, pp. 309-318. 

2004   Epilogue:  Africana Womanist Literary Theory in Africana Womanist Literary Theory by C. Hudson-Weems, Washington DC:  Africa World Press, pp. 133-135.

2001   Access to Higher Education for Nontraditional Students and Minorities in a



Technology-based Society, Urban Education, 36(1), 129-144.



1999 Older College Students as Tutors for Adult Learners in an Urban Literacy Program. Journal of Adolescent and Adult Literacy, 43(1), 48-57.


1999 Cultivating Partnerships - Models of Alliances in Adult Education in Partnership Models in Adult Education.  Daphne W. Ntiri (Ed.) American Association for Adult and Continuing Education (AAACE), Washington D.C., pp. 7 -34.

1998 "Problem of Access to Higher Education within the Context of Adult and Lifelong  Learning in the U.S.A" in Lifelong Learning and Institutions of Higher Education in the 21st Century. Werner Mauch and Renuka Narang (Eds.). Hamburg: UNESCO Institute for Education and University of Mumbai, pp. 104-111.  Available at:  http://unesdoc.unesco.org/images/0011/001138/113877eo.pdf

1993 Africa's Educational Dilemma:  Towards an Integrated Model of Roadblocks to Universal Literacy for Social Integration and Change. International Review of Education, 39(5), 357-372.


1993 Circumcision and Health among Rural Women of Southern Somalia as part of a Family  Life Survey. Health Care for Women International, 14(3), 215-226.



Currently Teaching

  •  AFS 3610 X 2 (4 credits online)

    The Africans (Foreign Culture GEN ED course)

Courses taught

AFS 5110 The Black woman in America
AFS 5310 Literacy and urban society
AFS 3610 The Africans


Other qualifications directly relevant to courses taught


   Invited Faculty Researcher, University of Uppsala, Centre for Gender Studies

   Fulbright Scholar, University of Ouagadougou, African American Studies

    United States Congress - Literacy Issues Forum

    UNESCO consultancies - France, Senegal and Somalia - Improving educational proficiencies of both rural and urban populations and            eliminating illiteracy



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