Laura Northerner

Laura Northerner

5057 Woodward Ave.
Detroit, MI 48202

Laura Northerner

Education – Degrees, Licenses, Certifications

  • Master of Arts, Psychology, WSU, 2013
  • Bachelor of Arts, Psychology, WSU, 2010
  • Bachelor of Arts, English Literature, WSU, 2000
  • Temporary Limited License
  • Temporary Limited License

Awards and Grants

  • 2016 Norine G. Johnson Clinical Psychology Award, Wayne State University
    2013-Present Graduate Professional Scholarship, Wayne State University
    2012 Thomas C. Rumble Fellowship, Wayne State University
    2000-Present Phi Beta Kappa Society, Wayne State University
    2000-Present Golden Key National Honor Society, Wayne State University
    2009-2010 Dean’s List, Wayne State University
    2000 All-American Scholar Collegiate Award, Wayne State University
    1996-2000 Presidential Scholarship, Wayne State University
    1996-2000 Dean’s List, Wayne State University
    1999 Yelda Endowed Merit Scholarship, Wayne State University

Selected Publications

Northerner, L. M., Trentacosta, C. J., & McLear, C. M. (2016). Negative affectivity moderates associations between cumulative risk and at-risk toddlers’ behavior problems. Journal of Child and Family Studies,25, 691-699.

Courses taught

Fall 2012 & Winter 2013 (WSU)
Course name: Psychology of Everyday Living (formerly known as the Psychology of Adjustment)
Description: Independent instructor for two semesters. This 4-credit course covers psychological principles, theory, and research that apply to everyday life. Responsibilities included syllabus design, lesson plans, exam and project development, grading, and weekly office hours.