Stephen Spurr

Stephen Spurr

Professor of economics


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Curriculum vitae

Stephen Spurr



Research interest(s)/area of expertise

 labor economics and economic analysis of law


  • Ph.D. in Economics; 1986; University of Chicago
  • LL.M. in Taxation; 1972; New York University
  • J.D.; 1969; University of Michigan Law School
  • A.B.; 1966; Oberlin College

Selected publications

Chapters and books

  • Essay on “Collateral Estoppel,” for The New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics and the Law (London: Macmillan, 1996)
  • Economic Foundations of Law (Mason, Ohio: Southwestern/Thomson Learning, 2006)
  • Economic Foundations of Law, 2nd ed. (London: Routledge Press, 2010)
  • Economic Foundations of Law, 3nd ed. (London: Routledge Press, 2019)

Articles in refereed journals

  • "How the Market Solves an Assignment Problem: The Matching of Lawyers with Legal Claims," 5 Journal of Labor Economics 502-532 (October 1987)
  • "A Theoretical and Empirical Analysis of Referral Practices Among Lawyers," 13 Law and Social Inquiry 87-109 (1988)
  • "Sex Discrimination in the Legal Profession: A Study of Promotion," 43 Industrial and Labor Relations Review 406-417 (April 1990)
  • "An Economic Analysis of Collateral Estoppel," 11 International Review of Law and Economics 151-165 (June 1991)
  • "The Impact of Advertising and Other Factors on Referral Practices, with Special Reference to Lawyers," 21 RAND Journal of Economics 235-246 (Summer 1990)
  • "Tax Rates, Tax Compliance, and the Reporting of Long-Term Capital Gains," (Steven Klepper, Daniel Nagin and Stephen Spurr), 46 Public Finance 236-251 (1991)
  • "Alcoholic Beverage Server Liability and the Reduction of Alcohol-Involved Problems," (Harold D. Holder, Kathleen Janes, James Mosher, Robert Saltz, Stephen J. Spurr, and Alexander C. Wagenaar), 54(1) Journal of Studies on Alcohol 23-36 (January 1993)
  • "The Proposed Market for Human Organs," 18(1) Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law 189-202 (1993)
  • "Turnover and Promotion of Lawyers: An Inquiry into Gender Differences," (Stephen J. Spurr and Glenn T. Sueyoshi), 29(3) Journal of Human Resources 813-842 (1994)
  • "The Shortage of Transplantable Organs: An Analysis and a Proposal," 15(4) Law & Policy 355-395 (1993)
  • "The Effect of Performance on a Worker's Career: Evidence from Minor-League Baseball," (Stephen J. Spurr and William Barber), 47(4) Industrial and Labor Relations Review 692-708 (1994)
  • "Medical Malpractice in Michigan: An Economic Analysis," (Stephen J. Spurr and Walter Simmons), 21(2) Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law 315-346 (Summer 1996)
  • "The Duration of Litigation," 19(3) Law & Policy 285-315 (July 1997)
  • "The Duration of Personal Injury Litigation," 19 Research in Law and Economics 223-246 (Greenwich, Conn.: JAI/Elsevier, 2000)
  • “Physicians and the Risk of Medical Malpractice: The Role of Prior Litigation in Predicting the Future,” (Gail A. Jensen, Stephen J. Spurr, Derek A. Weycker and Maria Bulycheva), 39(3) Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance 267-289 (1999)
  •  “The Role of Nonbinding Alternative Dispute Resolution in Litigation,” 42(1) Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization 75-96 (May 2000)
  • “The Baseball Draft: A Study of the Ability to Find Talent,” 1(1) Journal of Sports Economics 66-85 (February 2000)
  • “The Effect of Care Quality on Medical Malpractice Litigation,” (Stephen J. Spurr and Sandra Howze), 41 Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance 491-513 (2001)
  • “The Future of Capital Punishment: Determinants of the Time from Death Sentence to Execution,” 22(1) International Review of Law and Economics 1-23 (July 2002)
  • “AIDS and the Market for Nurses,” David E. Kalist and Stephen J. Spurr, 23 Research in Labor Economics 185-214 (2004)
  • “Estimating Episode Lengths When Some Observations Are Probably Censored," Allen C. Goodman, Janet R. Hankin, David E. Kalist, Yingwei Peng, and Stephen J. Spurr, 23(13) Statistics in Medicine 2071-2087 (July 15, 2004)
  • “The Effect of State Laws on the Supply of Advanced Practice Nurses,” David E. Kalist and Stephen J. Spurr, 4 International Journal of Health Care Finance and Economics 271-281 (2004)
  • “The Practice Boundaries of Advanced Practice Nurses: An Economic and Legal Analysis,” Michael J. Dueker, Ada K. Jacox, David E. Kalist and Stephen J. Spurr, 27(3) Journal of Regulatory Economics 309-330 (2005)
  • “Baseball Errors,” David E. Kalist and Stephen J. Spurr (2006) "Baseball Errors," Journal of Quantitative Analysis in Sports: Vol. 2: No. 4, Article 3. Available at:
  • "Lesser Included Offenses," Ram Orzach and Stephen J. Spurr, 28(4) International Review of Law and Economics 239-245 (December 2008)
  • “Immigration and Nurses,” David Kalist, Stephen J. Spurr and Tatsuma Wada, 49(3) Industrial Relations 406-428 (July 2010)
  • “Cooperation and Conflict between Very Similar Occupations: The Case of Anesthesia,” David E. Kalist, Noelle A. Molinari, and Stephen J. Spurr, 6(2) Health Economics, Policy & Law 237-264 (2011)
  • “The Effects of a Statute (BAPCPA) Designed to Make it More Difficult For People to File for Bankruptcy,” Stephen J. Spurr and Kevin Ball, 87(1) American Bankruptcy Law Journal 27-50 (2013)
  • “The Effect of Medical Malpractice Liability on Rate of Referrals Received by Specialist Physicians,” Xiao Xu, Stephen J. Spurr, Bin Nan, and A. Mark Fendrick, 8(4) Health Economics, Policy & Law 453-475 (October 2013)
  • “Predicting Recidivism of Juvenile Offenders,” David E. Kalist, Daniel Y. Lee, and Stephen J. Spurr, 15(1) The B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis and Policy 329-351 (January 2015)
  • “The Growth of Subrogation and the Future of Personal Injury Litigation,” 36(6) Journal of Insurance Regulation 1-26 (2017)
  • “The Effects of Subrogation on Personal Injury Litigation and Deterrence of Tortfeasors,” 54(3) Tort, Trial & Insurance Practice Law Journal 867-882 (2019)
  • “Subrogation and its Consequences for Tort Litigation,” forthcoming in International Review of Law and Economics, in press, acceptance letter dated June 8, 2021

Courses taught

  • Economics 2010 (principles of economics), Economics 5000 (intermediate microeconomics), Economics 5250/6250 (economic analysis of law),
  • Economics 6120 (statistics and the law), and Economics 7400 (labor economics and human resources)

Courses taught by Stephen Spurr

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