Andrea Sankar

Andrea Sankar

Chair, Director Medical Anthropology, Co-Director SWAN

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313 577 5958 (fax)

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Andrea Sankar

Research Interest/Area of Expertise

  • Medical Anthropology

  • Care

  • Environmental Health

  • Conceptions of the "Good Life" and life course goals for Middle-Western working class adults.

Education – Degrees, Licenses, Certifications

  • B.A. University of Michigan-Chinese
  • Ph.D. University of Michigan-Anthropology
  • NIMH Post-doc University of California-San Fransisco
  • NIA Post-doc University of Michigan

Awards and Grants

  • 2012-2014.      Co-PI.  Erb Foundation, Improving community awareness for Detroit River fish

                            consumption advisories, $95,000.


    2011-2013.      PI Bio-monitoring of Persistent Toxic Substances in Michigan Urban Fish Eaters:

                Venue Based Sampling Michigan Department of Community Health, $202,500


    2006-2009.      PI Rwanda-Prevention for Positives: Intervention-linked Research Targeting HIV infected

                            People USAID, $97,000.


    2005-2006,     Co-investigator, “Patient Provider Communication and Outcomes in HIV Care”, Agency for Health Research and Quality, AHRQ-01-0012 .


    2004-2007,      PI HAART Minority Supplement, NIH 3 RO1 AI04113, $87,757.00


    2004-2006,      PI, “Physician/ Patient Communication in HIV+ African Americans’ Adherence to ART” National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease., RO1 AI 49113,  $137,113.


    2001-2006,      PI, “HAART Adherence among HIV+ African Americans,” National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease, # RO1 AI 49113-01, $3,119,668.


    2001-2002,      CoPI “Overcoming the Digital Divide: African American Use of the Internet for Breast Cancer Information” State of Michigan. $95.000


    1999-00,          PI, “Risk Behavior by HIV+ African Americans Receiving Protease Inhibitor (PI) Therapy,” NIH Office on AIDS Research, #R01-MH54391,  $97,000


    1996-1999.      PI “African Americans and HIV: The Caregiving Experience,” National Institute of Mental

    Health, #R01-MH54391, $1,44,368.00.


    1999.               PI “African American Community Health Forums,” Charity Motors, $5,000.


    1999                PI, “African American Community Health Forums,” Blue Cross/Blue Shield Community

    Foundation of Michigan, $1,500


    1999                PI, “African American Community Health Forums,” K-Mart Foundation, $2,500


    1999                PI, “African American Community Health Forums,” Aguourin Pharmaceuticals, $2,500


    1998                PI, “African American Community Health Forums,” Detroit Medical Center, 2,000.


    1998                PI, “ African American Community Health Forums,” Michigan AIDS Fund, 5,000.


    1997                PI,  “The Faces of AIDS,” Vice President for Research, Research Stimulation Fund, $4,400.


    1997                PI, “The Faces of AIDS,” Office of the Provost, Bridge Funds, $,6000


    1997-1999       PI  “African Americans and HIV: The Caregiving Experience,-supplement” NIMH #R01-MH54391.


    1997-1998       PI “Selective Compliance in HIV Positive Women,” Detroit Medical Center.


    1995-1996.      Co-PI, “Cultural Impact on Caregiving Outcomes--Alzheimer s,” RO1-09791AG, $25,000.


    1994-1995       PI “HIV Needs Assessment,” HRSA/DHD, $5,000.


    1994                PI “Community Health Ethnography,” Office for Research and Sponsored Programs, $4,000.


    1994                Faculty Research Stimulation, Dean Liberal Arts, $3,000.


    1993-94           PI  Emergency Relief Grant Program, Ryan White Title Care Act, Title (RFP) City of Detroit Health Department and Southeastern Michigan AIDS Coordinating Council, $43,000.


    1992-97           PI “Ethnography of AIDS Prevention in the Recovery Community,” NIDA, $11,800/yr.

  • Invited Speaker Medical Anthropology and Ecology, National Science Council of China, Taiwan, 2013

    “Masters of Anthropology” at “Dialoguing with the Masters: Advanced Training in Anthropology” hosted by the Academia Sinica’s Institute of Ethnology. Invited Faculty Mentor, National Science Council of China, Taiwan, 2008

    2007 AGEP (Alliance for Graduate Education and the Professoriate) Faculty Mentor of the Year

    Society Medical Anthropology Executive Committee, 2006-2013.

    Editor Medical Anthropology Quarterly, 2006-2013

    Fellow, Society for Applied Anthropology, 2003 - present

    Wayne State University Alumni Association 2000 Faculty Service Award

    AARR-8 NIH Study Section Chair 2000-2002

    President’s Distinguished Service Award, Wayne State University  2000.

    President’s Recognition for Outstanding Scholarly Achievements, Wayne State University  2000.

    Executive Committee, General Anthropology Division, American Anthropological Association, 1999-


    Permanent NIH Study Section Member, Committee on AIDS and Immunology Research, NIH 1997-


    Michiganian of the Year, awarded by the Detroit News 1995

    Wayne State University Mentor Award, 1994

Selected Publications

Dying at Home: A Guide for Family Caregivers.  Baltimore, MD:

Johns Hopkins University Press, 1991.

Revised 2nd edition, New York: Bantam Press, 1995.

Revised 3-rd edition, Baltimore, MD: Johns Hopkins University Press, Fall 1999.


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Currently Teaching

  • Capstone Seminar for Anthropology Majors

Courses taught

ANT 5210 Introduction to Anthropological Methods F 2015