George Galster

George Galster

Clarence Hilberry Professor of Urban Affairs and Distinguished Professor, Emeritus


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Curriculum vitae

George Galster

Dr. Galster provides a wealth of experience in academic, governmental, non-profit, and for-profit circles, both in the U.S. and abroad. He has held positions at the Universities of: Harvard, Cal-Berkeley, North Carolina, Amsterdam, Delft, Glasgow, Mannheim, Western Sydney and The College of Wooster. He served as Director of Housing Research at the Urban Institute in Washington, DC before coming to Wayne State University in 1996. Dr. Galster has been a consultant to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, U. S. Department of Justice, numerous municipalities, community organizations, civil rights groups, and organizations like the National Association of Realtors, American Bankers Association, and Fannie Mae. He has served on the Consumer Advisory Council of the Federal Reserve’s Board of Governors, National Academy of Science review committees, and numerous other leadership positions in community service. Public officials in Australia, Canada, China, France, Scotland, and the U.S. have sought his housing and urban policy consultations.

Research interest(s)/area of expertise

metropolitan housing markets, racial discrimination and segregation, neighborhood dynamics, residential reinvestment, community lending and insurance patterns, neighborhood effects, and urban poverty


George Galster has published over 160 peer-reviewed articles and 35 book chapters on topics ranging from metropolitan housing markets, racial discrimination and segregation, neighborhood dynamics, residential reinvestment, community lending and insurance patterns, neighborhood effects, and urban poverty. His nine authored, co-authored, and edited books include Homeowners and Neighborhood Reinvestment, 1987; The Maze of Urban Housing Markets, 1991; The Metropolis in Black and White, 1992; Reality and Research: Social Science and American Urban Policy since 1960, 1996; Why NOT in My Back Yard?: The Neighborhood Impacts of Assisted Housing, 2003; Life in Poverty Neighborhoods, 2005; Frontiers of Quantifying Neighborhood Effects, 2008; Driving Detroit: The Quest for Respect in the Motor City, 2012 and Making Our Neighborhoods, Making Our Selves, forthcoming 2019.


Ph.D. in Economics from M.I.T. with summa cum laude undergraduate degrees from Wittenberg and Case Western Reserve Universities

Awards and grants

Research Grants:
1975, 1980 Ohio Real Estate Research Foundation
1978, 1994-2004, 11 U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (15)
1981/99, 2001/04/08 Ford Foundation (6)
1989-1992 Ohio Department of Mental Health
1990-1995 National Institute of Mental Health
1992 Social Science Research Council
1993 Rockefeller Foundation
1994-97, 1999-00 Fannie Mae Foundation (3)
1994 New York Clearing House Association
1995 Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
1997-98 Charles Stewart Mott Foundation
1998-99; 2012-13 Annie E. Casey Foundation
2001-03 U.S. Geological Survey (2)
2001/08/10 MacArthur Foundation (3)
2004 State of Michigan, Office of Financial and Insurance Services
2005-06 National Institute of Child & Human Development / NIH
2007-09 Kellogg Foundation
2010 Skillman Foundation
2011 Annie E. Casey Foundation

1966-70 Inducted into six national and campus undergraduate honorary societies
1967-68 Kelly Memorial Award for Intercollegiate Debating Excellence, Wittenberg
1969 Presidential Scholarship, Wittenberg University
1971 Finalist, Danforth Fellowship Competition
1971 Senior Prize for Outstanding Economics Student, Case Western Reserve
1971-74 NDEA Title IV Fellowship, MIT
1985 Luce Grant for Distinguished Scholarship, College of Wooster
1998 Floyd McKissick Distinguished Scholar, U. of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
1998 Inducted Fellow, Homer Hoyt Institute of Advanced Real Estate Studies
1998 Winner, “Best Analytical Paper” Award, Association of Collegiate Schools of Planning Conference, Pasadena (coauthored)
1999 Winner, “Best Community Development Action Research Paper”, Assoc. of Collegiate Schools of Planning Conference, Chicago (coauthored)
2003 Winner, “Best Paper” Award, Association of Collegiate Schools of
Planning/AESOP Conference, Leuven, Belgium (coauthored)
2003 Named to Who’s Who in Economics; a designation reserved for those
cited most frequently in journal articles published 1990-2000
2004 Cited, “2nd-Most Publications among 844 ACSP Faculty 1998-“ by JPER
2005 Cited, “Most-Cited Article in Housing Studies Since 1997” by HS Editors
2005 Wibaut Fellowship for Distinguished Scholar, University of Amsterdam
2006 Community Economic Development Award for Outstanding Scholarship, Michigan State University
2007 Winner, “Best Paper of Year” Journal of the American Planning Association v. 72, 2006 (coauthored)
2008 Winner, “Article of the Year,” Jl. of Insurance Regulation (v. 24, 2006)
2009 Runner-up, “Best Paper”, European Network for Housing Research
Conference, Prague (coauthored)
2010 Carnegie Centenary Distinguished Visiting Professorship, Scotland
2010 Honorable Mention, Chester Rapkin Award for the Best Article in JPER (coauthored)
2011 Invited participant, The American Assembly, "Reinventing America's Legacy Cities," Detroit, April
2012 Distinguished Faculty Fellowship, Wayne State University
2013- Penn Institute for Urban Research Scholar; University of Pennsylvania
2013 Utzon Memorial Lecture, U. New South Wales (AU)
2013 Halloran Trust Memorial Lecture, U. of Sydney (AU)
2014 “UAA Service Honor Roll” Award, Urban Affairs Association
2014 Winner, "Best Paper", 2013 Urban Affairs Assoc. Conf. (coauthored)
2015 Winner, "Best Paper", 2014 Urban Affairs Assoc. Conf. (coauthored)
2015 “Most Cited Author,” cumulative 25-yrs. of Housing Policy Debate, with 3 papers in top-25 most-cited (ranking #2, 8 and 24)
2016 “Contributions to Field of Urban Affairs” Award, Urban Affairs Association


Selected publications

Galster, G.C. Driving Detroit: The Quest for Respect in the Motor City, Philadelphia, PA: University of Pennsylvania Press, 2012.

Galster, G.C. "Residential Segregation and Interracial Economic Disparities: A Simultaneous- Equations Approach," Journal of Urban Economics 21 (No. 1, 1987): 22-44.

Galster, G.C., & Killen, S.P. "The Geography of Metropolitan Opportunity: A Reconnaissance and Conceptual Framework," Housing Policy Debate 6 (No. 1, 1995): 7-44.

Galster, G.C., Quercia, R.G., & Cortes, A. “Identifying Neighborhood Thresholds: An Empirical Exploration,” Housing Policy Debate 11 (No. 3, 2000): 701-732.

Galster, G.C., Hanson, R., Ratcliffe, M.R., Wolman, H., Coleman, S., & Freihage, J. “Wrestling Sprawl to the Ground: Defining and Measuring an Elusive Concept,” Housing Policy Debate 12 (No. 4, 2001): 681-717.

Galster, G.C. “On the Nature of Neighborhood,” Urban Studies 38 (No. 12, 2001): 2111-2124.

Galster, G.C. “An Economic Efficiency Analysis of Deconcentrating Poverty Populations,” Journal of Housing Economics 11 (No. 4, 2002): 303-329.

Galster, G.C., Tatian, P., & Accordino, J. “Targeting Investments for Neighborhood Revitalization,” Journal of the American Planning Association 72 (no. 4, 2006): 457-474.

Galster, G.C., Andersson, R., Musterd, S., & Kauppinen, T.M. “Does Neighborhood Income Mix Affect Earnings of Adults? New Evidence from Sweden,” Journal of Urban Economics 63 (2008): 858-870.

Raleigh, E., & Galster, G.C. "Neighborhood Disinvestment, Abandonment and Crime Dynamics," Journal of Urban Affairs 37 (no. 4, 2015): 367-396.

Galster, G.C., Santiago, A.M., Lucero, J., & Cutsinger, J. “Adolescent Neighborhood Context and Young Adult Economic Outcomes for Low-Income African Americans and Latinos,” Journal of Economic Geography 16 (2016): 471-503.

Galster, G.C., & Sharkey, P. “Spatial Foundations of Inequality: An Empirical Overview and Conceptual Model,” RSF: The Russell Sage Journal of the Social Sciences 3 (no. 2, 2017): 1-34.

Galster, G.C. “Why Shrinking Cities are not Mirror Images of Growing Cities: A Research Agenda of Six Testable Propositions.” Urban Affairs Review (published online July 2017)


Citation index

over 14,000 cumulative citations accoding to Googel Scholar, June, 2018