Mary Herring

Mary Herring

Associate Professor


 2011 Faculty Administration Building

Mary Herring

Research interest(s)/area of expertise

  •  American Politics

  •  Gender and Politics


The Effect of Conversation Format on Discussion of Political Topics;

Political Discourse in a Legislative Simulation


  • PhD, Political Science, University of Georgia, 1987

Selected publications

Jennifer Sweet-Cushman, Mary Herring, Lisa J. Ficker, Cathy Lysack, Marc W. Kruman and Peter A. Lichtenberg. 2014. “Is Participation Decline Inevitable as Generations Age? Insights from African-American Elders.” In Richard Marback (ed). Generations: Rethinking Age and Citizenship. Detroit: Wayne State University Press.

Mary Herring, Thomas B. Jankowski, and Ronald E. Brown. 1999. "Pro-Black Doesn't Mean Anti-White: The Structure of African-American Group Identity," Journal of Politics. 61(2): 363-386.

Timothy Bledsoe and Mary Herring. 1990. "Victims of Circumstances: Women in Pursuit of Political Office," American Political Science Review. 84(1): 213-223.



Currently teaching

  •  PS 1010, American Government, 4 credits, Winter 2017

  •  PS 7030, American Political Processes, 3 credits, Winter 2017

Courses taught

 PS 5999/6080 Gender and Politics

Incremental coursework

  •  PS 5630, Intro to Statistics

  •  PS 3020, Parties & Elections