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Marc Kruman

Director, Center for the Study of Citizenship


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Marc Kruman



Marc W. Kruman is the founding Director of the Center for the Study of Citizenship and Professor of History at Wayne State University. He has taught American history at Wayne State since 1975. Kruman is the author of two books—Between Authority and Liberty: State Constitution Making in Revolutionary America (1997), and Parties and Politics in North Carolina, 1836-1865 (1983), and the co-editor of The Meaning of Citizenship, co-editor, Richard Marback (2015)..He has been awarded an Andrew W. Mellon Faculty Fellowship in the Humanities at Harvard University and a National Endowment for the Humanities Research Fellowship. In 1999 he was a Fulbright Senior Lecturer at the University of Rome. At Wayne State University, he has received the President's Award for Excellence in Teaching, the Board of Governors Faculty Recognition Award (twice) and a Board of Governors Distinguished Faculty Fellowship.

Research interest(s)/area of expertise

  • American Civil War and Reconstruction
  • History of Citizenship


Kruman's current research focuses on the development of the interdisciplinary field of citizenship studies and the history of citizenship.


  • Ph.D., Yale University, 1978
  • M.Phil., Yale University, 1973
  • M.A., Yale University, 1973
  • B.S., New York State School of Industrial and Labor Relations at Cornell University

Selected publications


  • Between Authority and Liberty: State Constitution Making in Revolutionary America. Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 1997, paperback ed., 1999.
  • Parties and Politics in North Carolina, 1836-1865. Baton Rouge: Louisiana State University Press, 1983.
  • The Meaning of Citizenship, co-editor with Richard Marback, Series in Citizenship Studies (Detroit: Wayne State University Press, 2015)

Articles and Chapters

  • "William Henry Harrison," in Alan Brinkley, ed., Reader's Companion to the American Presidency (Houghton-Mifflin, 2000).
  • "John Tyler," in Alan Brinkley, ed., Reader's Companion to the American Presidency (Houghton-Mifflin, 2000).
  • "Legislatures and Political Rights," in Joel H. Silbey, ed., Encyclopedia of the American Legislative System (Scribners, 1994).
  • "The Second American Party System and the Transformation of Revolutionary Republicanism," Journal of the Early Republic, 12 (Winter 1992), 509-537.
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  • "Quotas for Blacks: The Public Works Administration and the Black Construction Worker," Labor History, 16 (Winter 1975), 37-51.

Currently teaching

  • HIS 2040, United States to 1877 (3 cr.)
  • HIS 5040/7040, Civil War and Reconstruction: 1850-1877 (3 cr.) 

Courses taught

 HON 4250, Seminar in Historical Studies: History of Citizenship (3 cr.), Fall 2016