Gail Summers

Gail Summers

Professor of Economics and
Director of Training at the Institute of Gerontology

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Room 225 Knapp Building (Institute of Gerontology)

Gail Summers

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Gail Jensen (Summers) is a Professor of Economics and the Director of Training at Wayne State's Institute of Gerontology.  As a health economist and gerontologist, her current research interests include the evaluation of health system reforms, the determinants of healthcare disparities, the effects of Medicare payment generosity on beneficiaries' access to care and satisfaction with care, and the economics of health insurance. She has published more than 100 scholarly works over the years, primarily peer-reviewed journal articles.

In 2007 the Michigan Public Health Institute honored Professor Jensen for "outstanding service and devotion to public health." In 2011 the Board of Governors of Wayne State Univeristy awarded her a Distinguished Faculty Fellowship, recognizing that "her achievements and current activities in scholarship and research are of an exceptional caliber and continue to hold national distinction."

Findings from Professor Jensen's studies of employer-sponsored health insurance have been used by president Bill Clinton and president George W. Bush, the U.S. Senate, the General Accounting Office, the Secretary of Labor, the Small Business Administration, the National Academy of Social Insurance, and other policy-shaping bodies. Her research on health insurance and on how care is produced in hospitals has been discussed in more than 20 books, including five major textbooks in health economics, and some of her published papers appear on the syllabus of graduate-level courses in health economic being taught across the U.S. In 1995 Professor Jensen was named a Senior Fellow of the National Center for Policy Analysis (NCPA) in Dallas, TX, primarily for her work on the economics of insurance regulation, and in 1999 she was named a Fellow of the Employee Benefit Research Institute (EBRI) in Washington, DC.

Professor Jensen earned her Ph.D. in economics from the University of Minnesota in 1986, and before coming to Wayne State in 1989 she held positions at the University of Illinois at Chicago, the American Hospital Association, and Abt Associates, Inc.

Research Focus

Dr. Jensen is currently collaborating with Dr. Wassim Tarraf at IOG to evaluate some of the early effects of the 2010 Affordable Care Act, specifically whether its mandated insurance benefits for coverage of recommended preventive services under Medicare and under private health plans have improved rates of preventive service utilization or reduced racial and ethnic disparities in rates of utilization of these services. This research is supported by a grant:

"Effects of the Affordable Care Act on Preventive Care Use and Disparities in Use" Funded by the Institute of Poulation Studies, Health Assessment, Administration, Services and Economics (INPHAASE) (an inter-organizational institute between Wayne State University and Henry Ford Health System), $69,000, September 2014 - February 2016. Principal Investigator: Wassim Tarraf, Co-Principal Investigator: Gail Jensen Summers.

She has also recently investigated the causes and consequences of cost-related non-adherence to prescribed medications among older adults, including how cost-related non-adherence affects an individual's health over the long run and its financial consequences. This research was supported by two grants:

"Drug Insurance, Medication Adherence, and Subsequent Outcomes Among Seniors," Funded as an R01 from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, DHHS, $370,003, April 2009 - March 2012. Principal Investigator: Gail Jensen Summers, Co-Principal Investigator: Xiao Xu (Yale University).

"Retrospective Analysis of Pre-Medicare Aged Patients (50-59) with Chronic Disease to Evaluate the Health and Economic Costs of Medication Non-Adherence," Funded by the Novartis Pharmaceutical Corporation, $124,704, November 2009 - October 2011. Principal Investigator: Gail Jensen Summers, Co-Principal Investigator: Yong Li (Competitive Health Analytics, Humana).

Previously her research has been sponsored by the Pension and Welfare Benefits Administration, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation, the Agency for Health Care Research and Policy, the Health Care Financing Administration, and other organizations, resulting in over $1,500,000 in funded research as a Principal Investigator.

Research interest(s)/area of expertise

Health economics, health services research, health policy, and health insurance

Selected publications

Selected Publications (2005-present):

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